Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dumb & Dumber Political Moves

Well. it is no secret that I have contempt/hatred for Obama because of his stroke of pen appointment to death of hundreds of millions in the womb paid for by taxpayers and the money paid into Social Security. And it is no secret that I openly actively oppose him for those reasons. He has no common sense--his entire " so-called education" was Harvard brain-washing. But nevertheless, the fact that he has appointed Clinton's goto man Leon Panetta to the position of head of Dept of Defense is not only dumb, it is suicidal for this nation. Panetta is going to gut the military just like he did when B Clinton was 'balancing the budget' by selling at salvedge prices every item bought by the military and closing US military bases around the world. For overthrowing America and reducing it to a player in the world instead of leader of the world the Obama-Panetta-Clinton plan is the method. The plan to 'go green' is yet another stupid trick of Obama, whose first redo of U S military was to a pervert-tolerance to make the US military the laughing stock of the world. C'mon, really. Have you ever heard one of those fake men [a man with the biological parts of a man but pretending to be a woman so another man could have s-e-x with him] talk? Do you actually think any of the enemies of America will be afraid of that sort, and putting a military issue machine gun into the hands of the reprobate is THE MOST STUPID idea of all. The perverts don't want to fight the enemies of America, they want to fight those who believe in The GOD-- and what they want is military benefits for their wanton lives; also they have no concept of moral behaviors since by definition in God's laws, they are condemned to hell already for reprobate abominable deeds. {read Leviticus 18:22,KJV and the Biblical record of Sodom and Gomorrha and how GOD destroyed them totally with fire from heaven.]
Now Panetta with an OMB and CIA background is going to do a second redo of the US military to make sure they don't win any wars. After all, Obama's goal is to destroy America in keeping with his muslim upbringing. Of course Obama can't just say he intends to destroy the US military 's might in the world--he has to disguise it so the fools in Congress are fooled.
And this paragraph is off that topic, but relevant to dumb and dumber things to do for a leader. I read this morning in the BBC news, world edition [tab] for Europe that a 'senior detective of Monaco" told the news Le Figaro that bride to be of Prince Albert of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock was stopped at Nice,France with a one way ticket to South Africa, and her passport was confiscated, so Prince Albert "could persuade her" to stay and go through with wedding. Well, there's "persuasion" of a romantic sort with flowers, moonlight, intimacy, and then there's coercion. Having your passport confiscated so you are forced to return to a city state of approximately 8000 people is no "persuasion" in my way of thinking. But did she retaliate in a passive aggressive way by wearing a casual pantsuit to the civil service yesterday? A sort of in your face protest of her real mindset? I was sort of shocked to see her wed him in a pantsuit that could be worn to any casual event. Even if silk and even if designer, it seemed totally inappropriate to be worn to marry a Sovereign head of State in Europe.
Gloria Poole.;at my apt in Missouri; 7:32am;2-July-2011