Monday, July 11, 2011

Is the Internet worth it to anyone? & Copyright

I am wondering if the internet is a positive experience for anyone IF they had invested time,energy and money into websites? Only to have them destroyed by tricks and con-games of fraudsters, criminals, thieves, liars, reprobates/ perverts, and abortionists--the dung heap of civilization in my opinion; who broke into my computers, handheld devices, netbook, and iMac to try to destroy them all since about April. {But I have them working again,with exception of Sony PSP*; though not secure it seems**.] But hey, I know that JESUS loves the most vile offender and does not want any to go to hell. I don't really want people to go to hell either, which was why I spent so much time/energy/money/resources trying to point them to heaven.
But I am a realist and I have seen/observed/experienced the censorship/cybercrime-hacking/attempts to steal my info and name for years now. It has produced a lot of aggravation, broken hardware, and broken body parts [of mine] and trouble because I am not what is called "politically correct" by the democrats' version of that which is atheist in nature.
I have no desire to ever conform to the standards of atheists. Not now, not ever, reasoning that such would surely doom me to hell.
I intend to please GOD with my life and with my computer(s). I know that such a statement infuriates the devil, but I don't care--he can sit on a tack as the child's English song goes.
Also, FYI, I am in Missouri still, where I permanently live. I have received notices from the Post Office that someone [most likely the FBI, or the SONY investigator] contacted the Post Office about my US mail being stolen at times. I knew that it was and that has happened intermittently since the year 2006 but exacerbated by recent events. I contacted the FBI trying to get my US mail from wherever it was being forwarded too. Theft of US mail is a federal crime by the way, just so you know.
And my telephone numbers are the same two that begin with ac 720 that I had in Colorado [that moved to Missouri with me]; plus a landline phone in Missouri, and google numbers and cell phones I bought in Missouri. It is difficult to have confidence in any phone since there was reason to believe every device I own was hacked into by somebody.
I am not out of touch or hiding. The person who has endangered my life should be in prison and in GOD's time, he will be; I am certain of that because the Bible says a leopard does not change his spots, meaning that evil people do not change by their own power. Only GOD could save a person with an evil heart, and redefine such a person.
Also, FYI, please read for most recent entry.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 3:45pm;11-July-2011
*Footnote, I have not tried to use my Sony PSP that was brand new in Jan 2011 and used less than 10 times before discovering the problems. I let the battery go down on it and reason it might be yet another financial loss to me unless Sony makes it good. I don't trust the version I had that was supposedly new at a retail store when I bought it. It had that sneaky adhoc connection that created a trick that allowed unscrupulous people to hijack the wifi I had assigned to it, and also attempt to hijack my computers x 2 and my ipod touch. And they did steal some of my apps and some of my info.
**Footnote: previous entry gives info about the messages /warnings I get from my computer when I try to get to secure sites [ssl] .
Also, update on 12-July-2011@10:02am:
The European top court at Luxembourg ruled that eBay and other internet providers might be held liable if they knowingly allow copyright/trademark infringement by allowing those not authorized to use/buy/sell/trade such copyrighted /trademarked content and or profit from it. Read article at:
That ruling wil probably help me some since some of the problems I have had since 2007 was people stealing my photos right off my computers and websites/blogs that I photographed of my paintings I painted, and or sketches and drawings I drew and or sketched and put on my repository sites and other sites to share but not giving permission to copy,reproduce,sell etc. And of about 6000 photos of genre scenery also that I photographed and added some of to repository sites and websites/blogs with my name on them. I own all rights to my paintings,sketches,drawings, photographs that I create. And I have put copyright notices from time to time on my websites and blogs. I also have the paintings,sketches, drawings themselves in most instances, and I have my photos I took of them backed up on 3 different physical devices that I own. FYI. Copyright notice all paintings, sketches, drawings, photography, words, poems, essays created,painted,sketched,drawn,photographed,written by me. Gloria Poole and also as gloriapoole or gloria-poole, or g-l-o-r-i-a, or gloria0817 on the web.Copyright,Gloria Poole,gloriapoole;at Missouri and before Missouri also including works I created in Colorado in yrs 2002-2009, Georgia for most of my life, Missouri since Oct 2009, any and all locations I lived and or displayed them.
Update on 13-July-2011@7:52 am by me Gloria Poole [and I am the only writer of this blog and the only person/woman authorized to log into it ,fyi] to add some info that is relevant to my life since I have been physically stalked twice before by a then-husband now second exhusband; and as a way of helping others to protect themselves online. And it is relevant to me as concerns online issues as there are 10 people on Facebook using my name of Gloria Poole, and I do not have a Facebook acct at all because I do not trust them. Read this info:;
article entitled "Social network sites have duty to stop cyberstalking" in Newsbeat on BBC today:
and includes events that happened on Facebook and the Facebook lack of response until law enforcement got involved. Also includes some good pointers on how to help protect yourself on social network sites.
Gloria Poole: at home my apt in Missouri;13-July-2011@7:56am