Thursday, July 7, 2011

NYT: Why are you publicizing Facebook ?? Paid op-eds?

I am protesting the op-ed paid commercials masquerading as front page news in the NY Times, and other news also. Today there is a [fake] news on front page of the NY Times about Facebook, a private company for PROFIT, adding a feature to their marketing gimmicks. There is plenty of REAL news for the NY Times to report on; for instance how many dismembered human beings are sliced,diced, crushed into cells and sent to fake research labs on daily basis from government sponsored and US DOJ protected killing centers known as abortuaries? Those events are reminiscent of the gassing by government of Jews, Christians and other opponents of Hitler, extracting their teeth,bones,skulls, skins to send to manufacturers for fake research also. Yet have you ever read one word about those horrors in abortuaries in the NY Times, or Washington Post, or LA Times or Chicago Tribune? Have you ever read one word about a CHRISTIAN for profit business adding features on the front page of the NY Times? Would Zuckerberg get zillions of dollars of free publicity on front page of NY Times if he was Christian and not Jewish? Have you ever read about my life on the front page of the NY times? I am a well known Christian but the NY Times tries repeatedly to censor me, prevent me replying to their so-called public comments sections of news, prevent me from even being considered as a human ! Why because I don't pay on the sly the for-sale-fake-journalists of the NY Times' marketing tool for the democratic party and their evil of "choice" of killing of innocents in the womb. I don't think news should be whatever the billionaire Zuckerberg wants published for his FOR PROFIT company that makes him a billionaire.
I think the real news should cover the EVENTS that affect America and the world and yes, NY, and Washington DC, and they should answer the basic questions of who,what,when,where; and leave the business marketing to the staff paid for by Zuckerberg and clearly labeled as paid ads; and put it in category business news not tech news .
And a few other things:
Google you messed up big time by allowing AIM into Google .AIM is not secure and NEVER was. You compromised your efforts to secure gmail and google accts by doing that.
And for those of you who don't read tech news, the German Federal Office for Information Security posted a warning that Apple iOS is not secure and could easily be compromised via .pdf files. I knew months ago that Apple is not secure, and so did Apple, because I told them, on phone and in writing several times.
Also, cell phones not secure either and that is also no surprise. AT & T has a one size fits all so-called password that the entire world knows. Read the BBC articles today about the News of the World hacking into cell phones and it's also online at today.
Also, for those of you who don't know this: Obama has been on twitter since his campaign in 2008, and he also has his own campaign short code for his cell phone that is disguised at times by ?? secret service. Don't be fooled by him. He got into office using computer hacking and it will probably take him out of office too.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 9:59am;7-July-2011