Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I did not authorize transfer of my domains;domain stolen

This is a notice to the public and to hosting companies. I own a domain of http://onlineeducator.biz and I wrote the entries and put my original sketches on that blog. The sketches that were on that blog are also on my repository site of http://gloriapoole.com/prolife and are the human development sketches listed there as a link and which contains several sketches I drew of how a sperm looks, how the blastocyst looks when embedded into uterine wall, how embryo develops.
There were deliberate efforts by godaddy.com staffers to sabotage me in order to sell that domain to someone who bid on it, from what I have figured out as events have unfolded. I found out the domain was missing from my control panel on this past Sunday June 26th. I had no notice that criminals were trying to steal it before then. This is a notice that I intend to get my domain back and if that means suing godaddy and its President that might also happen. I am not giving up that domain. I have owned it from the beginning when I made up the name and registered it with them YEARS ago. I also have another site with a similar name at http://onlineeducator.bravehost.com.
Also, you may see some of my sketches at these sites of mine:
http://gloriapoole.com/drawings [pencils,charcoals, inks]
Gloria Poole; RN licensed in Missouri; and artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, powdered pastels. inks, gouache,tempera,pencils.; at my apt in Missouri; 10:29am:54am 28-June-2011