Saturday, July 23, 2011

Copyright Protection Coming to the Internet,begins@UK

There is an article in Ars Technica news on tech section today and it is important as it will greatly affect the internet and anyone who uses the internet to download content. I firmly believe in copyright because it is all that gives creative people any right to earn money from the works they create. I write poems, essays , articles, and I paint,sketch,draw,photograph my own works I created; and I also photograph genre scenes in different categories of nature and art objects. So I understand first person"upclose and personal" as the phrase goes what it means to have content created by me, owned by me, in my possession in most cases, reproduced by others not authorized to do that. I own the copyrights to my content.
Here's the info about article but read the entire article about
Paypal, Mastercard, Visa cutting off access for/to websites that infringe copyrights:;
8:30am;23-July-2011; with quotes:
"The card providers then "require the acquiring bank providing the retailer with payment services to produce evidence of appropriate licenses to sell music or cease providing those services to the retailer," IFPI explains. MasterCard has promised to respond to law enforcement requests "expeditiously."
According to the group, industry anti-piracy experts have also composed a set of "best practice procedures" for MasterCard and Visa "to distribute both internally and to banks that use their services, which help identify infringing websites and prevent them from being granted card payment facilities."
Also, I own the copyrights--all rights--to my words, photos, images,paintings,sketches, drawings wherever they appear. I have not assigned the rights to anyone nor ever sold them, but criminals have tried to steal them in some cases. I call them criminals because people who break into the financial accounts of others to steal card info to use for themselves are criminals. And people who break into websites,blogs, computers that do not belong to them are also criminals as that is cybercrime by definition as defined by US public law. Don't be a criminal! Honor copyrights. Attribute your sources. And do not steal content. If site does not say it is all right to download from it, then don't.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 9:01am;23-July-2011
Update @ 9:29am after reading article in Wall St Journal about the rise in cyberattacks on small business, and how much of an ordeal it is to them, and the outcomes of such. It is excellent description of the many sequelae of being hacked by criminals. Read it. Article about small business cyberattacks in Wall St Journal online [] today entitled "Hackers Shift Attacks to Small Firms" and it details the many problems that result when small business systems that use credit or debit cards encounter when their systems hacked by cybercriminals. Also mentions the Russian cyber-hackers that some US banks in places other than Chicago have also encountered as stealing info. It's a learning article to educate yourself on the risks of connecting your small biz directly to internet 24/7.