Tuesday, July 19, 2011

US Planning "Kill-switch" for Internet for Censorship

This article is interesting in that it shows that there is recognition that some countries filter the internet but curiously omits the facts that the Obama administration is also trying to filter out i.e. censor any opponents.

And this quote from a different article entitled "Are governments closing the net around web freedom?

written by Alex Hudson on the BBC online news today,tech section [tab]:
"Governments - totalitarian and democratic alike - are monitoring people's online habits, endangering important human rights."And this quote from it also:
"And Egypt is not the only country that has censored the internet. According to the think-tank Reporters Without Borders, a large proportion of the Americas and Europe has at least some form of censorship in place."And this quote:
"The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act - as it is officially known - would give the president the power to shut down parts of the internet if there was a cyber-attack on critical infrastructure."
I am adding these snippets here because when you read both articles you get the sense that the BBC is trying to warn the world that internet censorship in the US is a reality or about to be. If you are a US citizen [and I am] and you do not know that the internet is already being controlled/monitored/censored by those in high places of Congress and the White House, it means one of these things:
1) you don't use internet;
2) you don't write any opinions of any sort on internet;
3) you don't have any opinions that conflict with groupthink brainwashing of the democratic party controlled public schools;
4) you are a big donor to the democrats like the Gates family, or the Apple Computer owners etc;
5) you are not internet-aware enough to recognize the censorship when it happens.
The US has been censoring political and religious speech on the internet since 2007 . I am certain of that. Possibly sooner since I have had 3 different new at the time computers destroyed by Pentagon radar-emissions since that time for criticizing that Jezebel* Hillary Clinton. However I don't let that stop me. I reason that if the people of Egypt could protest internet censorship then so could I. Hopefully in the US there is more liberty than in Egypt but Obama is an African King-mindset, not a President of a free nation one.

*Footnote: the Bible in Revelations calls women that murder for power or gain a 'jezebel" and says they are doomed to hell. Think of what Hillary has stood for for decades--the mass murder of innocents in the womb. She is surely a jezebel and so is Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Olympia Snowe, and many other women in Congress or political appointed by the shadow government of Planned Parenthood that pulls their strings via Obama's wooden head.
I quote to teach/educate the public on issues that I consider of vital importance to liberty.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 19-July-2011@8:11am;
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