Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am Alive and thanks to GOD for that.

I was hit by a van this past Monday as I was on walkabout and in the crosswalk, and went by ambulance to the trauma unit of the University of Missouri Hospital. I have some injuries that are going to take time to heal, but since news reported that I was taken away by ambulance, I didn't want to leave people wondering. The Police charged the driver with failure to yield right of way and hitting a pedestrian.

I am being very cautious about movement in any form as have some broken bones again. And other sequelae of that event.

I am grateful to be alive as it could have been fatal to me if GOD had not been there with me in the midst of it.

Those of you who are Christian pray for me please.

Gloria Poole,@my apt in Missouri; 9:52am;16-June-2011