Saturday, June 11, 2011

Public Notice to Banks, Financial,Insurance Companies

This notice is necessary and serves as a legal notice that my second exhusband whose name when I was married to him was written "Dana Ben Pappas" * is NOT authorized on any account of mine. He is not authorized on bank accts or credit union accounts or prepaid accounts, or telephone accounts or utility accounts, or insurance accounts, or webhosting or email accounts. He is not my beneficiary or heir.. He is not authorized on any of those since about year 2005. He is not in my family but my second exhusband. He is not authorized to have possession of my US mail or any documents of Life Media & Publishing or of words that WORK. He may have gotten some of the checks from the box of checks years ago and maybe that is how he stole my business acct of it to drain it. He is not a participant in Life Media & Publishing LLP or words that WORK, LLP as they /when theyexisted in Colorado, and never was. He never contributed money to them,never wrote for them, never spoke for them with authority [he did lie about them saying he was first an 'employee' to steal my US mail at Post Office when I had a PO Box in Denver then at Cherry Hills. Then told hosting companies he was the boss, but he was never an employee,nor a partner, nor a boss nor a contributor in any way. I know he also told his probation officers those lies about being in control of it to seek leniency. He is not in any way lawfully associated with them. I began those LLP as missions, incorporated them as LLP's, did the creative works of them,wrote all the content of them and I paid the fees required to do that always. He tried to steal them in every way possible including stealing my US mail, my Probate Court papers from when my daddy died in Dec 2004, and my email addresses, paperwork from hosting companies, and by stealing /using my name on the telephone causing massive confusion about my name and gender. He sounds male usually but distorts his voice to high pitched to impersonate women. He dresses cross-gender at times and stole lipstick,eyeliner pencils, even my clothes and shoes on several occasions. He said he intended to annihilate me and steal my name and my paintings I painted and sell them.
He is not the father of my 2 grown daughters who were born to my first marriage. He is a notorious liar and has deceived many people because he is flirtatious, and uses women by flattering them and preying on them, and he is a thief. He said he can "pick any lock in Colorado" and "steals people blind". He said it 'does not matter what name you use to get what you want". Worst, he is a cocaine addict who should be in the federal penitentiary. And he is a violent man capable of harming many people. He harmed me several times and seriously in July 2006 when he had a restraining order against him and was on 2 yr's probation for having tried to kidnap me in May 2006 in the courtyard of the Arapahoe County Colorado courthouse. He made many many threats to me to kill me, and threats of terroristic behaviors toward the public in general. He also threatened law enforcement and I reported that when I heard it.
I am not happy that I was deceived by him once too, as many people have been. I got written information today that confirmed that he has been attempting to swindle me again nearly five years after a divorce from him. He was never my 'boss" nor my business partner. I purposely do NOT select known criminals as business partners and never did. He is in no way affiliated with me and has no authority to use my name or sign my name or get my info. The occasional money he pays to me is because three Judges in District Courtin Arapahoe County, and a federal judge in Denver Colorado told him he had to make restitution to me for injuries, and could not bankrupt out of it though he tried too. . He was ordered to pay me way more than he does pay. He said he 'laughs at the Judges" and 'makes fools of them"; [quoting his words in 2007].The fact that he does not pay what he was ordered to pay and is a million plus in arrears to me will give the US Marshalls and FBI the reason to arrest him again and try him for other crimes as well, that they know about.

This hopefully makes it clear that he does not live with me and will never live with me again and that he is not my 'brother" or my 'boyfriend" or any flesh and blood relative of mine. He never met any of my siblings or my mother or father. I am not reconciling with him under any circumstances and I am praying he goes to federal prison for a long long time.

There are more details about the events that happened from Dec 2002 to on-going on my twitter acct at I do have another twitter acct also. But to read facts/details of some of the events go to that twitter acct and scroll to the more at bottom of page and click more link then do that 4 more times til you get to the entry of 2:03am June 8th,2011, then begin there and read forward to read them in sequence. I wrote them as I was experiencing acute anxiety because of noises right outside my window about that time of night, and remembering how then-husband said he breaks into places, cuts telephone lines, starts fires to 'smoke 'em out' so he could seek revenge.
Also second divorce is public record in Arapahoe County Colorado and was final in Oct 2007, but certified copy of decree and to resume my maiden name that I got was dated early November 2007.

* Footnote: He has changed the spelling of his name several times since then and said he 'buys or steals" identities whenever he is arrested for his many crimes. His aliases that I know of are: "Dana B Pappas", "Dana Pappas'; Dana Papas, Dena Pappas, Doris Parsons, Dana Benn Parsons, Dana Benn Papas, db3, db5, 'healing -hands' the most sinister of all since he told me he could kill a person with his bare hands and never leave a mark on them. As far as I know he lives in Colorado on Newton St in Denver.
Gloria Poole, @my apt in Missouri; 8:13pm;11-June-2011