Tuesday, June 21, 2011

News: PLEASE stop glorifying self-destruction

I think most anyone who ever read anything I wrote in the past 20 yrs, knows I am a Registered Nurse [and artist in visual forms media] , and this entry is writing from a Registered Nurse's viewpoint. This morning there were two news articles that provoked me to write this. The first one was the article about the flack Ebert received for saying 'friends don't let jacka--es drive drunk". I am glad Ebert wrote that because he has a lot of clout in the media, and he makes a point that is absolutely valid. And that point is that those humans who with a mind,purposely, intentionally,willfully drink alcohol then get behind a wheel of a vehicle that weighs between 1-2 or more tons [2000-4000 + lbs] and starts the ignition are jacka--es indeed, because they risk everyone's life not just their own.
And the second article is in the New York Times which ought to shut down their PR campaign for socialists, communists and drug-addicts like Lindsay Lohan. NY Times be ashamed of yourselves. You put her photo on the front page of the New York Times as if what a long-term drug-addict does is world shattering news. PLEASE, do ever stop to think what you do? Do you have any idea how destructive the drugs that woman uses are? Have you ever worked in an emergency room and watched the EMT's bring in those broken , and mutilated bodies that had to be pried out of vehicles or reassembled at the scene of carnage? PLEASE do not glorify drug-addicts. They are not "sick" --they are selfish, vain-glorious, self-seeking,manipulative,con-people, who willfully purposely, intentionally use every con-game ever devised by any generation to keep the booze and drugs flowing so they can "opt-out' of reality for a few hours and float off into their drug-induced narcosis, and forget every person on earth and every responsibility or commitment. They are not worthy of front page news in any newspaper. In fact, I don't think they are worthy of glorification in the obituaries either.
NY Times, if you have even a tiny shred of decency and moral underpinnings left, remove Lindsay Lohan's picture this moment. Do not set an example where every mediocre actor/actress can make the front page of the so-called news by drugging herself or himself to death and breaking law after law for years thus making a mockery of health care and the law all in one fell swoop.
I think the fact that you put her photo on the front page giving her massive free publicity that she would never have gotten if she had been law-abiding, clean of drugs, and moral, clearly labels the NY Times as NOT a news organization at all, but a propaganda-pumping machinery paid for by drug-addicts, socialists like Obama's White House, and bad people like abortionists, murderers, rapists, BIG PHARMACEUTICALS, BIG ABORTION INDUSTRY, etc.
It's good that you started charging for your PR campaigns [because fewer will read it]; and maybe the FEC will come to their senses and realize you are a PAC, disguised as a newspaper for the democrats, and then hold you accountable for all the free publicity you give to evil,self-destructive people like that Ryan guy and Lindsay Lohan, and Obama, and virtually every democrat in NY.
Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 7:30am;21-June-2011