Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jockey/Rider & Kentucky Derby sketches by Gloria Poole

I am creating art and tweeting, and battling the government censors who really really hate the word PROLIFE, because most of those dinosaurs in the U S Senate of Congress are prodeathers. So, I think the gov shutdown will do this nation good. It will make them set priorities, and stop funding the evil ngos of Planned Parenthood, Center for Reproductive [killing] and the ACLU. So, I have not quit the battle for the right of tiny humans in human wombs to be born alive. It's very hard at times, because government censors lurk on my phones and computers & they are paid for by "team Obama" ngo slush fund of taxpayer money who plans to kill as many innocents-in-womb-as possible with is "ObamaCare" depopulation scheme. Hopefully, the government shutdown will shut down the massive NSA/PRISM /xkeystrokes spynet of "Big Brother" government as defined in book 1984 And hopefully it will take the spynet pressure off PROLIFE citizens like me. .

Along that same line of thought, this morning one of my cell phones I most like to photograph the art I create with, is broken into by criminals at remote AGAIN. It will make calls but it won't send any text --the evil man who hates me the most, hates me because I created art that didn't include him, and that I didn't try to make 'him a movie star" when I had the chance. AS IF that would ever happen. He was the [then] husband from hell. I am divorced from him for past 5 years and he is not authorized on any account of mine. I suspect he is the person breaking into my cell phones from remote because in his tiny mind, he thinks it would stop me from blogging and telling of his crimes against me. It wouldn't. I would just buy different brand of phones on different carriers; and equipment and carry on. Also, photos I sent to my email from my iPhone still vanish at times--stolen in transit by criminals at remote, who know all iPhones info is on some public record somewhere provided by Apple. I have several phones simply because they all are unreliable and not secure, and I never know if any of them will work properly. They all seem to have to have built-in criminals at remote locations who are unknown to me [I didn't add them or consent to them]; who watch every text I type and every photo I take and every photo I mail to try to steal them, censor my religious or political speech, steal photos of art to use to steal my ID with; and etc etc etc. I tweet about that often, and wish I knew what cell phone carrier in U S had honest staff and safe phones.

Here is a sketch in watercolors that I drew and painted yesterday. It is slightly fuzzy and I think that is because I was adjusting the size of the photo after I took it. It was set to a size as big as a billboard practically, so I adjusted it to fit better. It is on my sketch book, clipped to my portable drawing board because I draw sometimes away from my drawing table. Oh, yea, I sort of penciled in the shape of the face later, so it does not show on this sketch. Also, I sketch a lot, and then take a few days to paint in oils. I sketch / draw refining my skills and firming up in my mind how I want something to look. A sketch usually takes me 10 min to draw and about an hour to paint, but of course, that depends on how elaborate it is. I also experiment with all artist's mediums : goauche, tempera, powdered pastels, making own pigments, inks; watercolors, acrylics. I paint in canvas as a general rule only with oil paints and turpentine/ solvents.

Also, I am adding below Jockey & Rider my sketch I drew/painted & named "Kentucky Derby". This was on my xanga blog that is ??? where.

I think I have discovered a better method of getting photos from a camera to a blog, and I will test it to be sure, but not right this moment. Also, remember I add my photos of art I create to other blogs of mine, including :

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Remember that I Gloria Poole born in Georgia but currently living in Missouri, own all rights to the art I create, and that in most cases, I have the actual art I created whether it's on canvas, bristol, sketch books, masonite, paper, archival mat, etc. So, this is a copyright notice that is intended to include all art I create, with any tool. medium, on any form, surface; whether or not I photograph it, or hire someone too, or display it any where. Unless I specifically sign away certain rights on paper with legal formal signature notarized, I own all rights to it.

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