Thursday, October 17, 2013

Photos I Gloria Poole photographed

I am adding some of the genre photos I took over time. I have added photos I took to the web intermittently since 2007. A few days ago, when I was uploading from my camera, it said I had photographed nearly 42,000 times in past 6 years! I was surprised by that figure a bit, but I do photograph often with a variety of cameras. I take photos of my two daughters & their husbands and their children at holidays but I do not post them to the web. Today as I was uploading from my camera, it said about 800 photos in most recent "photo-op" I had with my daughters and their families. These are what's called genre photography of landscapes, flowers, glimmery fish: These photos are: shimmering fish I saw somewhere:

Second photo is bright flowers I saw on walkabout:

Third photo is a chapel in the gardens, near to me, that I walkabout in, some:

The next is pink magnolias I think. I am no flower expert but the blooms sort of look like magnolias only pink; so I called them that:

The next photo is a ruby red fish in a goldfish bowl.

The next photo here is a goldfish in an aquarium. I love to photograph and paint goldfish and tropical fish.

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