Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some more art I Gloria Poole created

I Gloria Poole am adding my photos of art I created to online albums and to my blogs, just to share and to remind people that it's what I do and to try to build up an artist's reputation for me. I had a long enough career as RN and can't work in that now because of much trauma to me over several years' time. But first let me say I went to the pumpkin patch festival in Missouri yesterday and had a great time and took many photos. I put some of them on my flickr blogs now that I have them back. * So, here's an assortment of art I made. Begin with the first photo which is of the Angel with guitar painting I painted when I lived on St Simons Island, GA. It is huge, heavy painting in oils, and signed by me.

The second photo is one of the ethic paintings I painted as part of the series of ethnic paintings I began in yr 2007, when I lived in Aurora, Colorado for a year in the apt that my then-husband [DBP] had to move out by court order for violence against me. Then I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009, after divorce from him in Oct 2007, in Arapahoe County Colorado. I have continued painting on the ethnic paintings and there are about 20-25 of them now. I was numbering them in sequence in yr 2007 but have to put them all in same room and see where the numbering left off, to begin it again. This painting is in oils, and when I painted it, I didn't have anybody in mind. I was striving for German look so named it "German lady".

The third photo is my photo of of an ethnic sketch in acrylics that I painted I think in yr 2007, and named it "Cherokee Indian". I saw a thumbnail photo in an old book and tried to paint it.

The 4th photo is my photo of art I created using a graphics program in year 2008 when I had moved to zip code 80203. I lived there in zip code 80203 for about 2 1/2 yrs after I had moved from Aurora, Colorado when injured by then-husband who filed for divorce because I would not lift restraining order against him. Then in Oct 2009, I moved to Missouri. There were many loose ends to sort, and legal hearings of several sorts [as witness to violence etc against me, divorce etc mostly of mess caused by DBP] to attend before I felt it was ok to move away from Colorado. I am NOT a native of Colorado however. I was born in the state of Georgia . I would not recommend the Colorado experience to anybody. It's a lawless state. I have to include much detail because one of the Museums that I was trying to interest in doing an exhibit of my art I create, thought this year that I still lived in Colorado. I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009, and do not have another residence anywhere. I do own some land in Georgia, however.

So, about the graphic art produced panda: I was using a computer graphics program for the panda on this page. The others I painted with brushes, and drew with pens/ pencils on hard surfaces of either canvas or sketch book. I seldom produce graphics-created-art. I think I have about 2-3 times in about 5 years, but when I do I create til I get tired of it, and change the medium to one I use more. So, enjoy : The panda was one of my better graphics-art but I did create more. More on that later.

Footnote: I got my flickr blog of gloriapoole back thanks to Yahoo's effort. So a public thank you to Yahoo/flickr. I couldn't log into my first flickr acct for almost 4 YEARS! Then when I finally created new flickr accounts, the previous flickr account I began in yr 2005 reappeared with a few of my photos I took on it. I also have another flickr accountt created on an app. So, I am not sure how all of that works? Anyway, the 2 flickr accts I began on my computers are:; and profile at

And also at; and profile at I still have my Picasa albums [and possibly my T-Mobile albums online also] also and they are totally different , so to see much of the art I have created since about 1993 you would have to see my online albums and my blogs. There may be one or two photos the same , but generally they are different. I added some new art world has not seen before to my gloriapoole flickr this evening.

Gloria Poole; also known as Gloria on the art itself, signed in paint or inks,and as gloriapoole; gloria0817; gpoole817; gloria.poole; gloria_poole; gloria-poole; gloriapoole1749;and as gloriapoole.RN; and gloriapooleRN at yahoo, and other variations of my real, born with name of Gloria Poole.At my apt in Missouri; 13-Oct-2013 at 9:29pm. The photo at the top is me Gloria Poole wearing a UGA sweater of red/black/white with red sleeves, and it is this year's photo of me. It is on other blogs of mine and I added it to my albums. It was taken by me in my front room in front of the wall I use to display some of my paintings. I am Christian, heterosexual [straight always no matter how many times the web confuese me with someone else] and single. I own the copyright to all art I create, fyi. I am a University of Georgia alum also, and a Registered Nurse, with a license in Missouri. I "work" only for myself, creating art, from my own apt in Missouri and put it on web with my own computers. devices/phones. I am a private U S citizen. Gloria Poole.