Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sketches of Royals by Gloria Poole also known as Gloria

These two sketches are two of the hundreds of sketches I have drawn and then painted, or in some cases drawn in pencils or inks and didn't paint. The first one is from seeing online a photo of Queen Elizabeth II in news, and trying to draw it/ paint it. And the second sketch is my rendition of Thailand King [ to be I think] that was also in the news. The third sketch is Saudi king Abdullah from news that year. I draw interseting people I see on my computer often quickly as I sit before my computer to look at news' photo. I also more often draw "fake" people that I make up as I go along when I am painting or sketching. Also, I added five of my sketches of Maharajas to another blog of mine yesterday at: I also added many to my Picasa albums so look-see those also.

My Picasa albums are at:

and/ or at:;

is my new Picasa albums I created on 19-Oct-2013, for my ethnic pantings & sketches that I painted.

And also I corrected the wrong url that was on my genre photographs to:;

And also these:


but these might be the same but with different url. There has been six years of confusion over the use of my born with name! But my name of Gloria Poole however it is written belongs to me! These urls were correct few minutes ago but cybercriminals broke into my computer & stole a photo I took of a painting I painted ; but anti-intrusion stopped them I think, as I was moving a photo of art I created that is my own photo to a different category. So it's anybody's guess if these are the correct addresses for my Picasa albums of art I created and photos I photographed but I think so, but those addresses above were correct few days ago. So, if those above are not correct, try these:

And I put my medical illustrations of human development I drew on my site at

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