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Military via Pentagon tracking all social content worldwide

I am posting here quotes used to educate the public, from article at : These quotes about the Pentagon developing software tracking to "monitor" internet conversations on any social platform worldwide for the purpose of finding "infectious" talk /words that lead to "unrest" beginning with this quote: "Applied to online discourse, epidemiological models would essentially treat uprisings like illnesses. They’d pull apart a web conversation (the author of the post, the site where it was published, the comments that ensued) and try to figure out which parts contributed most readily to the spread of a revolutionary message. That’s a different approach to prediction than the Pentagon’s current initiatives, like the Integrated Crisis Early Warning System, which combines news reports with expert intel and big social and demographic forces to come up with a forecast.
The software’s overarching goal? Help the Pentagon determine how “the flow of ideas or ‘memes’ through electronic media can … infect and influence susceptible populations.”

Called “Epidemiological Modeling of the Evolution of Messages” — shortened to E-Meme — the program would use language recognition technology to determine what people in certain regions, of certain age groups, genders, or any number of other demographics, are discussing. From “next week’s election” to “link up and cause havoc.
... "despite a massive Pentagon investment — $125 million in the past three years alone — on computer systems meant to spot signs of political unrest worldwide."..."It’s unclear whether E-Meme will succeed where other programs have floundered. But McCormack and co. certainly have high hopes for the software’s abilities. Eventually, they’d like to analyze “sentiments” and “the perceptions of groups” to determine “what the online discussion will actually turn into.” Egypt’s relative peace, for example, compared to Libya’s rampant violence. Of course, McCormack notes, that kind of analysis remains “incredibly difficult to do.”
Such all-knowing, infallible web mining might be a ways off, but the evolution of software like E-Meme will no doubt remain a major Pentagon priority. In the past two years alone, we’ve seen the CIA invest ina company that scours the Internet to “predict the future,”  Iarpa consider the merits of person-finding via web pic and spotting rebel citizens via YouTube."
And these quotes about Senator Rand Paul being detained by the TSA this past Monday in a political show of force: And quotes from: w/ quotes:
"Thing is, TSA airport security has nothing to do with security, and everything to do with making sure that every human being who transits within or through a US commercial airport knows exactly who is in charge. We call it the Tip of the Spear.
The idea is to desensitize people to government intrusion, generally with something shocking (like treating a 6-year old girl as a criminal terrorist). That’s the tip of the spear. As the spear drives further and further into its target, subsequent intrusions seem less and less acute."...Psychologist Robert Cialdini, whose writings on influence and persuasion have been read by millions across the world in dozens of languages, discusses three key principles which apply to this ‘Tip of the Spear’ approach.
The first is called social proof. It’s easy to understand– like lemmings, sheep, or milk cows, people standing in the security line watching everyone else get patted down and go through body scanners, will most likely comply with the social norm. Monkey see, monkey do.
The second is the principle of authority. Also easy to understand– people will obey authority figures even if it requires taking objectionable action. Uniforms establish an authority image, as do the training programs that teach intimidation tactics to government agents– voice projection, direct eye contact, use of professional vocabulary, etc.
The third is a bit more complex; Cialdini calls it the principle of commitment and consistency. Simply put, if people commit to an idea in word or deed, their future actions will be consistent with this idea because it becomes part of their own self-image.
In this context, people who submit to government intrusion the first time (e.g. watch their children receive pat-downs at TSA checkpoints) are more likely to continue acceding to further government intrusions down the road. It’s a bit of a boiling frog approach.
When you step back and look at the big picture, ‘security’ is an utter farce. The moral argument for such measures is rooted in a silly myth that men in caves wish to do us harm. The legal argument is questionable at best. Many folks forget that the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution states:
“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…”
Does anyone truly consider it reasonable to subject passengers to demeaning, invasive searches? Or to douse travelers in radiation from machines that cost over $100,000? Or to waste billions of dollars and man-hours each year on security procedures that are routinely proven to be ineffective?
If the answer is yes, then you obviously don’t see eye-to-eye with your neighbors, hence you’re probably living in the wrong country.
If the answer is no, then it should be obvious that your government has hijacked liberty… in which case you’re probably living in the wrong country." And these quotes:
These are on cnn's list but when you read them, they"re scary for tracking/stalking reasons; therefore not good apps [in my opinion}:
"Facebook Timeline Apps (free): Facebook recently announced more than 60 partners who provide apps for its new Timeline feature, in such themes as entertainment, fitness, food, giving, music, news, shopping and travel. Timeline's integration, in a nutshell, posts your activity from these other websites and services on your Facebook page. Whether it provides added value or just more clutter to your feeds is up to you."
This able could facilitate stalking:
..."Find My Friends (free): Think the Find My iPhone app, but for people. Find My Friends allows iPhone or iPad users to easily locate others via via their Apple IDs and iCloud -- totally contingent, of course, upon a close family member or friend agreeing to be tracked. Don't accept requests from anyone you don't want to know your whereabouts 24/7."
Article about apps online 25Jan 2012; 8:39am.
And other articles Online today 25 Jan 2012 ; 10:09am;
I think the citizens in the U S have to understand what is happening in the U S with the socialist leaning toward communist President Obama. Obama's administration recently got a new public law saying the U S Military could pick up & detain indefinitely for any reason or no reason, any person on U S soil including citizens and apparently active Senators in Congress. Now, if Senator Rand Paul had weapons on him, that would be different. But according to CNN interview he was detained because of his human knee on scanner.
The citizens of the U S are in danger of losing all liberties guaranteed to us by the U S Constitution if Obama continues in office [gets reelected] . He is not an American in his thought processes but either an Afrikan king like Ghadafi or a Karl Marx or a Stalin in thinly veiled disguise with his smooth as butter but revolution to communism in his heart approach to government.
I am posting these quotes here today as a public service sort of as Paul Revere warned the nation by putting a lantern in the steeple of a church long ago.
Gloria Poole; @my apt & only residence in Missouri; 25-Jan-2012; 11:30am