Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saga of Century Tel Fraud continues

I am writing another episode in my 2 yr 3 month "battle" to get control of my name & internet accounts away from criminals. See previous post since this continues that one. After the hour & 15 minutes of fake service from Century Tel on the day I wrote previous post, I did get the reissued bill by US mail. I want to include it here so the feds can see how Century Telephone pads bills w fake charges. Oh, before I forget...century tel's crooks changed my dsl pw after I had to "verify" my billing pw (because the criminals didn't know it); so they retaliated against me for complaining. No surprise there. I realized w my first bill from them that there were crooked.
Ok, heres the "new" bill for services beginning after Jan 20th:
CenturyLink package =59.95
package taxes=6.36
centurylink local services =14.89 (though what they are, only the criminals know)
centurylink long distance =3.45 (though I have "unlimited" long distance;
centurylink internet services =6.88 ( though internet is in the so-called package above)
late fees =6.29
past due =3.70
total due =101.52.
I think Century Telephone could be used as example by all business school,professors of how bad monopolies are. But good news, there is competition in my town in Missouri now since mediacom services are less expensive, Verizon offers home telephone service now, & so does another company in town. So I reason in time, the crooked ways of Century Tel which catch up to them, and their customers will vote with their feet to another business.
By the way, my bill was only late once in Oct 2009 when it was sent to a legislator's office in Louisiana before being sent to payment center. It won't be late this time either unless the post of
fice takes 13 days to drive 50 miles to there.
Gloria Poole:@ my apt in Missouri;7 Jan 2012;9:41am