Friday, January 13, 2012

"Big Brother" spy tools being developed by CarnegieMellon

In the article at Carnegie Mellon University says it takes 4 hrs to identify anyone in US from a photo uploaded to net.Read article on CNN today 13-Jan-2012;9:46am. And also read all my tweets today on one of my twitter accounts at for events of yesterday that documents how cybercriminals are attacking my electronic devices including my cell phone [that I had tweeted from & almost no one else knew the number of].
Well. In case you don"t already know this: I oppose the entire concept of all invasive all pervasive "Big Brother" government as warned about in book 1984. I am law-abiding my entire life to this moment as I write this as I am U S citizen with First Amendment liberty to "petition the government for redress of grievances" which I do via twitter, blogs, emails, etc. I utilize those services because Colorado state government did NOT enforce their own laws or federal laws,by refusing to imprison known cocaine-addict who was violent to me on 3 occasions & they knew it; therefore, I have less income than I would have if I was employable [suffered many injuries from attempts by then-husband to kill me in July 2006 in Arapahoe County Colorado]. But because he is democrat & so is Colorado & so is the perpetrator of the communist takeover by Obama [Obama} whose goals are to silence prolifers, republicans,Christians, heterosexuals, he was allowed to run roughshod over me because I am CHRISTIAN, prolife, Republican as defined by Constitution, & heterosexual. The so-called Justice Dept is now "facilitating" drug-running, and "facilitating" face recognition via universities ' computer labs and their "link" to Harvard University through Obama; and government spying to harass those "political enemies" of Obama. Including me. So I document that somewhere for the public's sake. I know no one can fool all the people all the time,not even Obama with his predator drones, extra-judicial killings, his 24/7/365 spy network on web,his usurpation of citizens' incomes via "Obamacare", his suspension of 4th Amendment with judges ruling that feds attaching a GPS device to any vehicle parked in any public place as "constitutional" & without need of warrant,his supplying semi-automatic weapons to dangerous, murderous drug dealers, and his intent to wipe out America by using schools to teach spying, hate of America, abortion as 'duty" for the poor, etc,etc,etc .
I know from first hand experience with my hosted site of http;// that Carnegie Mellon University computer labs have spied and hacked for U S government since at least 2006,when they broke into & spam flooded my forum on that site to cause a denail of service attack against me when I called Hillary a jezebel [as defined in book of Revelations] in that year, and they left their calling card on one of my blogs as "Hillary's hackers".
Please read the CNN article & realize that if you or anyone else adds your photo on line anywhere, you will be added to national government database.Now of course, prolife activists have known that since at least 1991 when B Clinton was spying on them to try to suppress them. It comes with the territory, sort of like those activists in Egypt, and every middle east country that had in the square public protests knew they would be photographed by photo-journalists & their lives at risk. Sadly, the U S has become that sort of nation--spying its citizens, trying to suppress them surreptiously by attacking their means of publishing, and by unrestraining the violent psychopaths of society .
This may not be much to do, but it's something. I have had ENTIRE paid hosting accounts broken into, my domains stolen, my emails stolen, my bank info stolen [early last year] ,my Paypal acct broken into, my isp acts broken into, my cell phones broken into; because I use them to get info from news & because I use them to send info to public. I am convinced those behind those cyber-attacks are : Obama who wants to overthrow liberty of citizens; Hillary who wants power for herself & who sold out America time & time again with alliances with foreign powers; democratic party; Planned Parenthood murderers, Centre for Reproductive [killing] "rights"; U S Dept of Education who absolutely HATES GOD & particularly Christians & demands atheism be the religion of all schools.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 10;47am;13-Jan-2012