Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good News for Preborn Humans! Thanks 5th Circuit Ct

This photo is me holding a napkin to my face, remembering when I worked in the operating room. I am adding it here because it was when I worked in the operating room of hospitals that I learned that abortions were routine & horrible! I did not/would not knowingly ever participate in helping with abortions but learned that some doctors lie on paper. But the good news is that the tide is turning in America for the preborn.
In the news last evening is the fact that the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the State of Texas' requirement that women considering an abortion must be shown their sonogram with description of the stage of development including cardiac [heart] status and whether arms and legs are developed, is constitutional; and is necessary for true informed consent. That decision by the Appeals Court is surely going to save human lives, and I want to say a public thank you to them, on behalf of all those in womb who cannot speak for themselves.
Hopefully, women who see their baby with baby's heart beating on sonogram will not murder their baby! A baby's heart is developed & beating by 10 days after fertilization.
However, decision for ultrasound[sonogram] is not the only battle in the cause of human life. The laws in the U S have to be changed to protect the innocents in the womb, from premeditated destruction by bad people. Even in the cases of rape or incest, the baby in the womb is INNOCENT, not responsible for the sins of the father. And in Judeo-Christian civilizations and in civilized societies of other religions the children are not put to death for what the father did.
So, the 5th Circuit Court has done a wonderful thing, giving the tiniest humans a chance at life, if their mothers have even a spark of humanity in themselves. But all courts in U S have to do more. They have to rule against Planned Parenthhood at every court case, because Planned Parenthood is morally equivalent to the gas ovens of Hitler's reign of terror. Planned Parenthood is a very evil organization and should not be allowed to bring any case to court as their motives are killing innocents.
Correction: I have been hindered purposely this past week by cyber-hackers, and I wrote about it on one of my twitter accts that was and then twitter took down those posts [several from 3-4 days ago. So now the U S citizens know who controls twitter.
Also, good news today is on NY Times front page. Summed up it says that U S Supreme Court rules in favor of religious liberty in "Hosanna-Tabor Church v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, No. 10-553" giving churches & church schools the liberty to decide who their "ministers" & or teachers will be & what their rules will be.

Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 12:32pm;11-Jan-2012