Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Yellow Rose for Gov Rick Perry, REPUBLICAN candidate

This is a photo I took, of the yellow rose. I am adding it here today to remind you of the country song 'the yellow rose of Texas' and to remind you the U S has a presidential candidate from Texas named Rick Perry. I like Gov of Texas Perry for these reasons:
1) he is strong Christian, and led the prayer in Jesus' name before hundreds of thousands of people last fall. And
2) he is a strong prolifer, who wants to protect the preborn in the womb, with public law.
3) he seems authentic, not a canned script sort of guy, reading from a teleprompter. Of course, he might do that now [read from teleprompter] after the nation had a knee jerk reaction to "oops" .
4) He doesn't quit at the first sign of trouble.
5) He wears boots, and shoots rattlesnakes! Hey, I'm all for a man who protects his family from predators.
And I am adding this entry here today precisely because I read that Facebook has cooked up some scheme to intimidate republicans by making it known they made a deal to give or sell their user info INCLUDING the private direct messages, emails, and user info to Politico, for them to "study". That INFURIATES me as it is an egregious violation of civil liberties of republicans as a class. I am a firm believer in the first amendment liberties that include the freedom of speech, press, conscience, & the right to participate or not in the political realm, & the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Facebook is TRYING to intimidate republicans by making them guinea pigs in a political 'study' [read your info will be used to contact you, and or attack your methods of communication] without your consent.
The internet is like a giant bathtub drain, sucking down your info by the gallons; even without deliberate efforts by Facebook's Zuckerberg to purposely sell out the first amendment.
Read the article about Facebook 's deal with Politico, on today. And then do one of these please:
1) quit your facebook & delete your account in protest.
2) write in every sentence the name of a Republican candidate to purposely skew their so-called study of who is ahead [a trick if you read the entire articles & understand the rules of the FEC about federal campaigns]' and thus thwart their attempts to enroll republicans into "studies" that use republicans' words, info, without consent.
3) march in protest of Facebook's violation of civil liberties including the first and fourth amendments. And read all my tweets today on one of my twitter accts at https;// And read http;//
. Gloria Poole; aka gloriapoole @my apt in missouri; 15-Jan-2012;1;52pm