Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Century Link/Tel was hacked AGAIN; ?always crooked

Adding this entry today has taken FIVE login attempts since Century Telephone tried to tamper with my acct to prevent me from calling their fraud dept. I am adding the details here because 2 YEARS of trying to talk to someone there with any knowledge of I T security, or business law, or fraud prevention, has been useless. Either they were hacked AGAIN, or they were always crooked. Since I am not sure yet, which it is, I am posting this here because the entire world should know how they do business before you sign up with them for an account. Let me start with posting an actual bill on my landline telephone account from June 23, 2011,because it is the one I got to get the customer telephone number from, but all bills paid up until Jan 20th,2012] quoting from the paper bill in my hand:
CenturyLink Packages [supposedly telephone & internet} 59.95
Package taxes 6.32
CenturyLink Local Services 14.97
CenturyLink LongDistance Services [apart from the "unlimited long distance" 3.44
CenturyLink Internet Services 6.88
total due then & which I paid = 91.56
Hold that figure in your head, and multiply it by 27 = $2,472.12 PLUS because several months my bill for same "package" was $106; which I have paid to Century Telephone since Oct 2007 when I told them I was moving to Missouri & wanted new service there PLUS they tacked on a $199 bill for no apparent reason my first month in Missouri PLUS charged me the $25 deposit TWICE before that.
I did not receive my bil due in January so I called them and I want to tell you about that; but first let me tell you my bill is paid up , so you know that supposedly I am good standing with them. I called them for 2 reasons: 1) someone tried to hijack my artist email acct on centurytel this past Monday and I asked for password reset, & their system told me it sent it, but it did NOT come to me! That was my first clue this go-round of bad service from Century Tel; and my second clue this time, was NO paper bill arrived when it did for 27 months, which meant to me that a cybercriminal set up an online acct in my name using my telephone number & "SSID" [that all of century tel employees know but supposedly no one else does] to try to intercept /hijack my telephone acct and or port my numbers. I have pretty good idea which criminal did that, and I am sure that the FBI probably does also.
This morning @ 8:30 am when they opened I called the local telephone company office & spoke with a "Nicolette" & told her about this, and she put me on hold several minutes then said I needed to talk to 800 number for Century Tel customer services; and said she transferred call to them. Then "Sherrita" from "financial services" answered and asked for my DSL password! That was also a clue, since she does not need that. So I asked her IF she worked for Century Tel, and reminded her that my acct password for billing & my login to internet pw are different, and she got mad, and said insulting things to me for instance saying I was "confused" and "not capable of understanding the difference". And then i got mad and said I did not appreciate her insulting my intelligence. So then she said I had to talk to "customer service" and that she would transfer my call to them, and then "Matt" from "customer service" answered & he told me the amount due and when { which is ten dollars higher than that June bill for NO CHANGES to my service, no unusual [directory assistance calls, no explanation of why/how they padded bill by another $10] ; and then I told him about event of trying to get pw reset on my artist email,[I do have 1 other email on my century tel acct but it is not the one showing on my paper bill!]; and he put me on hold saying he would have to see how many emails on my acct. I was on hold about 10 minutes and a "Daniel" from "voice repair" came on line saying not much of anything really except i needed to talk to the fraud dept. So I asked for their number & he told me it is : 8007883500 but he would transfer my call to them. I then heard an automated message repeating every few seconds saying "to leave the que and request a callback, press 1". I held on line for 16 minutes, making this so-called customer request phone call lasts from 8:31am until I hung up @9:46am. Then I called the number the fraud dept gave to get an "identity theft affadavit" which is 877-451-1980, and got the same useless automated recording and none of the options worked.
Also, I have complained repeatedly that the userId on my bill is NOT correct or if it ever was, it seems to have been hijacked by criminals. But Century Telephone, apparently long in the habit of run-arounds and padding bills, has a "who cares? " attitude.
I had sent their tech support an email two days ago about this, and in their fraudulent/inept/incompetent/careless indifferent method of resolving problems tried to block my GOOGLE acct, though Google has NOTHING whatsoever to do with my Century Telephone bill.
Oh, did I foget to mention that a few months when I called about this, the CENTURY Telephone staff told me I should not use Century Tel email because it was no good, and suggested I use a free email instead. Why Century Telephone pays those idiots is beyond comprehension unless of course, the padded fees flow to the billing and or HR dept and or Chief Executive. Could be??
IF you are unfortunate to have a Century Tel acct, then join me in prayer that GOD does something to "clean their house" of crooks; and IF you don't have an acct with them , NEVER sign up for one. IF you do your acct will be earmarked for "contributing" slush money to the democrats, and or the Vatican, and your service will depend on you paying exorbitant padded fees monthly. And you will get high grads with no essential knowledge about anything when you ask for help. The "link" their name refers too is to the drug-running cartel from Mexico, backed by the Dems Obama & Holder; and the Vatican who must be using confiscated money from the embarq, Century Link/tel;Qwest;Syncaor customers to pay their priests' legal fees and fines for all those sodomy cases. Or what? And the reason I say it is the drug-runners running Century Tel is because they spam-flooded my inbox on that email with drug offers [of illegal substances, narcotics for sale via internet/email] and which i wrote down the email addresses to save them for evidence because most of them had an email address; and I reported it to the U S Dept of Justice to ask for help in getting rid of drug dealers from any & all accts of mine.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 11:11am;4-Jan-2012