Thursday, February 2, 2012

The REAL State of The "union"

I am writing this post today to accomplish several purposes. That is usually the case with me. I don't generally do fluff "updates" to pump up my ego; and I oppose Facebook on principle since it uses its 'users' content free and without permission to enrich the top 1% of the top 1% of the world. User content gleaned from people who think they are merely communicating with friends & family has made Zuckerberg a multi-billionaire. Talk about unethical but be sure to include him and his "Facebook" scam of the century.
Back on topic, there is in Seattle Post-Intelligencer blog this morning an article about Christian Pastor Steven Andrew, asking all Christians everywhere to boycott Starbucks for its promotion of homosexuality, and calling Starbucks' products "satan juice". I am glad that FINALLY a Christian Pastor is calling for the nation to live by what they say they believe and for Christians, what they believe is the Holy Bible. Read Leviticus 18:22, [KJV] and also Romans chapter one for the reasons all Jews, and Christians and all who are descendants of Abraham the patriarch, should vehemently resist & actively oppose homosexuality being taught as a 'right" or legalized in any situation. So this is my public thank you to christian Pastor Andrew for exposing Starbucks and calling for Christians to stop buying anything from Starbucks so as not to financially support sin. And for how that affects you personally [supporting the ways of the devil and not of GOD] read Deuteronomy ch 28, and Matthew chapter 18 about purposely leading astray GOD's little ones with false doctrine.
Also, article today entitled "GOP seizes on con..." it quotes Republican candidates as saying that Obama has declared "war on the catholic church" and has eliminated the conscience clause for any religious exemption of any employee anywhere to refrain from participating in abortion or abortion referrals, or "tolerance" of sinful lifestyles that lead to death such as homosexuality, and that includes abortifacients and some contraceptives which are abortifacients and killing drugs like RU486. The fact that Obama has tried to undo the conscience clause that pres Bush signed into law, and that prolifers fought so hard to get, shows you that Obama is not of GOD. Obama is of the devil, and he intends to destroy the U S. and as many humans in the womb as possible. He must be defeated.
And another shocker in today's news is that medical companies paid $595 MILLION to the FDA to buy approval of medical devices. Remember the FDA means Food & Drug Administration and their role as authorized is to protect consumers from flawed medical devices and bad drugs. But the FDA has gone bad--taking bribes to "approve" devices and drugs . IF you have no clue how that affects you as a human, I probably could not explain it in any way your IQ could comprehend, literally.But for you who understand how any government agency controls what happens in their realm of oversight, then you understand for them to making alliances with medical companies means their wealth is tied to medical companies, not to their government salaries and therefore their allegiances are also tied to medical companies & not to consumers.
That article is in also and is entitled "Device Makers, FDA...". Read it. Of course they call the bribes "user fees" thinking that fools the public. "USER fees" to earn their government salaries is corruption equal to the "gun walking " scheme of Obama & Holder to weaponize latin America at taxpayers' expense.
This nation cannot afford to hide its head in the sand any longer. Obama's attack on religion is deliberate, purposeful and from the devil, to divide and conquer the U S for Islam; to depopulate the nation to make it easier to overthrow.
Gloria Poole; @my apt & only residence in Missouri; 10:21am;2-Feb-2012.
Update @ 11:44am:; about Obama's list of political enemies, which I must be on. The article is about Obama attacking the creators of capital [in this case the Koch brothers who employ thousands] who promote republican form of government. I know I am on the list. I realize Obama does not publicly mention my name [that would give me free publicity after all] but he does instruct the Pentagon to try to fry all electronic devices I own, and break into my accounts, and spies on nearly every thing I write AS I WRITE IT, for the purpose of trying to censor it. As I was writing this post [which takes me about 5-10 minutes on average, I received 2 fake calls that tried to intercept my connection , and then tried to alter my google acct, AND deleted the cookies put on my Apple desktop to identify my computer in effort to block my use of the Apple operating system that costs me a small fortune. That's today's events. Yesterday, they tried to alter 3 of my mobile devices and even attempted to rewrite the CONTRACT [unexpired] I have with one of them to stifle my data throughput.
I could write a book on the secretive techniques of censorship in the U S.
Gloria; as above