Saturday, December 31, 2011

NY Resolutions are Incentives to be better Human

I think from reading the Bible my entire life to this point that the numbering system of days-months-years was not GOD's idea; and that HE meant for our lives on earth to be less stressed with time pressures, by setting the distinguishing mark of change to sun-up, sun-down. But humans being what they are planned stress into their own lives when they decided to create calendars and added in their own holidays, feast days, celebrations" to be forcibly observed by most in a country.
Now then, having written that, since humans do those things, and designated a "new year's eve" arbitrarily then maybe it could serve some useful purpose instead of massive slaughter on nations' highways from boozed up, dr-ugg-ed glassy eyed partiers; and adulterous men and women looking in places other than home for gratification. YEA, I know that is not popular to write that, but it's the nurse in me. The same nurse that years ago worked in emergency rooms and saw the mangled bodies, and dead on arrivals from such. That ER stint changed my mind forever about NY Eve celebrations. And I think that is generally true for most RN's and MD's--they prefer their families safe at home on that treacherous night.
OK, so to get to the point: since the world recognizes a turning point in history today from 2011 yrs after the birth of THE LORD JESUS to 2012 yrs after the birth of THE LORD JESUS, and you want to celebrate that occasion some way, why not do some serious soul-searching of yourself, and see where you fall short of GOD's expectations for your life? Ask yourself : am I doing what I was born to do? And if the answer is yes, then please write a book about it, and start tonight. Or paint it on canvas, or write a song--something so the world knows/experiences it in some way. If the answer is no, then make some committment to THE CREATOR GOD, to become all HE wants you to be. Repent of the sins named in the Bible. Ask GOD to help you start again--be born again so your outlook on life is from HIS viewpoint. Read the Bible for wisdom--it's life little instruction book. And don't model your life after the bad people in the Bible. The only reason they are included is that it also includes their fall from grace, and punishment if you read long enough to get to that part of it. The Bible teaches that the promises of GOD do come true. And that over time, in the 'long run" those who please GOD, prevail; and those who don't please GOD, are punished in some way--for leaders it is removal from power forever, or until they repent; and for really wicked it is death from earth and second death of hell; damnation according to Revelations . I particularly love the King James Holy Bible for its language.
I pray that GOD does great and might things around the world this year--removes the wicked from high places and replaces them with those obedient to GOD; & punishes those who kill innocents; rights the sinking titanic of the U .S. ; and gives a 'well done" reward [read Deuteronomy chapter 28, for more on this] to those who love HIM & Obey HIM.
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