Thursday, October 20, 2011

Warning Public: Internet Not Secure as Usual

I am posting these snippets here because I feel a duty to do what I can to help prevent evil and promote goodness. Because of that, I often post information I learned by reading or researching or simply living life, in effort to help others. So these articles taken together indicate that the web , whether on PC, Mac, [any Apple device], any smartphone, tablet, devices is not secure so do not be deceived by it:

Quote from Ars Technica article about Apple 's accelerometer logging keystrokes if close to desktop:
"Similar keylogging methods have been developed which use a smartphone's microphone. But malware masquerading as a legitimate app can usually access a smartphone's accelerometer without tripping built-in security features, according to the researchers, which tend to prevent access to a device's sensors without a specific OK from the user."
Article at:
+ article about google's secure searches: w quote: "On October 18, Google announced that it would begin pushing users with a Google account to Google's encrypted search homepage. The move to make searches more private has caused an uproar among search marketers and SEO experts, who will now get limited information about how site visitors found them.
The move is part of Google's ongoing response to concerns over the privacy of its services, especially for people connecting from public WiFi networks exposed by exploits..." +
article about trojan disabling Apple security: w quote : "The anti-malware protections that are built into Mac OS X could be at risk thanks to a newer Mac trojan. The trojan in question, Trojan-Downloader:OSX/Flashback.C, was discovered by researchers at [...]—it's a variation on the Mac trojan discovered in September that [poses as...}, OSX/Flashback.A. The new version still poses as a Flash Player installer, but its creators have kicked things up a notch by instructing it to disable Apple's automatic updating mechanism for its system-wide malware application, meaning that those who fall victim may never receive updates from Apple to remove the trojan..." and also "But now thanks to Flashback.C, that feature is somewhat at risk. According to F-Secure, after users enter their admin passwords into the fake Flash installer, Flashback.C decrypts the paths within XProtectUpdater and proceeds to unload the XProtectUpdater daemon. After that, the malware overwrites the files with an empty space, decimating key files that XProtect needs in order to receive regular updates from Apple." + article about "cloud" which is certainly my same questions, as Apple stole many of my original photographs as I was adding them to my iMac and then they streamed them! Here is quote from article :"Despite its convenience, you must consider the cloud’s privacy implications. Who owns your personal information once you’ve uploaded it? Does the cloud provider have any rights to your data once it’s uploaded to the server?" and another quote:
"Such privacy boundaries have never been explored, which presents a topic of much debate amongst policymakers and regulators. We even lack a global standard for online privacy, let alone cloud privacy. Often, the inherent nature of cloud computing makes it difficult to determine whose laws apply, especially when data is uploaded in one jurisdiction and processed in another. However, the EU will announce new regulations for cloud service providers this fall – and will be the first jurisdiction to do so." and this quote:
"The Supreme Court has been addressing the cloud privacy issue on a case-by-case basis. In City of Ontario v. Quon (2010), justices decided that there is no expectation of privacy for an employee-provided mobile device connected to an employer’s cloud service.This term, the Supreme Court will analyze the privacy issues surrounding GPS-surveillance by law enforcement in US v. Antoine Jones. The case raises interesting questions when applied to similar GPS technology found in consumer cloud-based services (Google Maps,Foursquare), and their appropriate privacy obligations." Thank GOD I have never had an employer provided device but always my own and never one issued to me by anyone but that has not stopped criminals from breaking into them with same methods they broke into hosting accts of mine.
That article at:
Also, I know from my own isp email that Century Tel/Link has no meaningful security whatsoever on their accounts for the net or telephones. My email inbox jumps from page 1 to page 37 and pages 2-36 were apparently stolen right out of inbox, and then pages renumbered by cybercriminals. And that is not sudden--it is ongoing since I began with them in Oct 31,2009 in Missouri. They route my telephone calls through Latin American and or Mexico I think, since I often get Mexican sounding people when I call anyone anywhere, and they are always SHOCKED when I remind them I am in the US [and do not speak,read, or write spanish except for buenas dias}; and they INSTALLED the service into my apt in person and it is a WIRED telephone so my location is not unknown to them. And the paper bill comes to the same location. They have some of the worst routers known and they have NO CLUE about internet security. So if you are in situation where it is not in your best interset to change from them [yet] then just know that your emails are not secure. and neither are your phone calls.
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri; 8:59am;20_oct-2011;
Update 21-Oct-2011 to add this:
"Christopher Poole" of 4chan is not related to me in any way, and is unknown to me; and his "work" is unknown to me except I read article about him in tech news today. I also read some about '4chan" on the BBC and understood it to be NOT a conservative sort of effort. I have no connection to 4chan, and they have no [authorized] connection to me or anything about me, or anything I have ever written,painted,sketched, drawn,photographed, or created; nor to any website or blog of mine ever. I have a nephew named Christopher Poole in Georgia but it is not the same man as far as I know. {Based upon photo on web of the "Christopher Poole" of 4chan, and what I know about my nephew}.