Saturday, October 22, 2011

Info on who Hacked My computer & stole my emails

I am adding here some of the info about who hacked into my private computer that I own and that has a supposedly encrypted password on it, to help the public know about this & to help those who try to prevent crimes on the internet to track the criminals.
This information is from the headers of a fake email sent to me today, and I am not copying the exact headers here but did send them to my isp and plan to send them to the internet crime dept of the US government.
My isp provider is Century Telephone in Missouri, but Qwest from Colorado is breaking into my acct and also 'qintra" and also "pkdwsm2.EQ.Intranet', and also "Talisma" . These 3 ip addresses are in the headers on that email and they turn red when I blocked them indicating they are bad/unsafe content sent to me via that email, and they are:
And these are the other ip addresses that the email was routed through to me, but that are not century tel:
pkdwsmg2.EQ.Intranet .
Note I have no authorized Intranet on any computer or device of mine. I bought the equipment I have and am currently using in Missouri, and it was never networked with any other device except my ipod touch to my iMac computer . Which means to me that criminals networked my devices in the so-called cloud.
I have asked Century Telephone repeatedly since I discovered that someone else was accessing my email, to stop the criminals from accessing my acct, and they send me a polite reply then do nothing to patch the holes in their security.
Also. I had complained to the US Dept of Justice months ago about emails sent to me by Century Telephone employees that were peddling d-r-u-gs, s-e-x-, and p-o-r-n to me and I was/ am furious about it. Do NOT ever send me such emails! I think a person that sends that sort of stuff is the scum of the earth, and it does not win you any favor with me. And I report that sort of stuff to law enforcement.
I am furious that an internet provider could have such inadequate security on their service and be allowed to operate on the web. And that they could ensnare people across several states with their scam emails and lack-of-security-on-internet -service if you could put the word 'service' in the same sentence with what they have allowed on my supposedly secure new computers. Apple computers are not known to be sieves, full of holes in security, and yet the Century Tel so-called service manages to corrupt them also.
If you are looking for internet provider or telephone do not sign up with Century Telephone/internet. They are about 10 yrs behind the times on the internet, have no security dept, have no encryption, have no knowledge of encryption it seems to me, and have a 'we are secure because my paycheck says so" attitude.
This is intended to help law enforcement track down the ip addresses breaking into computers, stealing email, stealing credit card info, and iTunes info.
And to warn the public about the character of Century Telephone who allows persons not related to you, not in your your household, not living with you or in your family, not authorized on your bank accounts, not authorized on your Century Telephone acct to access your information, and login to your emails, and they give the criminals your passwords.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 10:03am;22-Oct-2011