Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Government Domination of computers & internet ???

Article in Ars Technica courtesy entitled "Verisign wants power to shut sites down upon Law Enforcement request" at
w quotes from it:
" In part, the policy is aimed at empowering Verisign to act quickly to take down sites that are harboring malware, launching phishing attacks, or otherwise being used to launch attacks across the Internet. The scanning service, which registrars can opt into voluntarily, would scan sites on all .com, .net and .name sites for “known malware,” and inform the registrar and the site owner when malware is detected. Verisign has been soliciting domain registrars to participate in a pilot of the program, derived from the company's Verisign Trust Seal program, since March.
But the request also asks for authority to take down sites quickly for a number of reasons beyond malware, including “to protect the integrity, security and stability of the DNS; to comply with any applicable court orders, laws, government rules or requirements, requests of law enforcement or other governmental or quasi-governmental agency, or any dispute resolution process; (and) to avoid any liability, civil or criminal, on the part of Verisign, as well as its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, and employees... Verisign also reserves the right to place upon registry lock, hold or similar status a domain name during resolution of a dispute.” 12-Oct-2011:7:41am;

+ also this article:
w this quote:"Sony's not having a good morning. In addition to having to ... [get back from consumers ]1.6 million Bravia TVs, it's also been forced to temporarily lock 93,000 customers out of their PSN and Sony Online Entertainment accounts. .. the reason: an attempt by hackers to "test a massive set of sign-in IDs and passwords" against Sony's network database. Some of the affected accounts showed "additional activity prior to being locked" and are being investigated."
My comments are:
I am acutely aware of problems with Sony. The same netbook that got contaminated via Sony PSP, I used to login to my online acct with AT&T before I knew it was grossly messed up with spyware,malware, satellite [I never had satellite isp] stealing info etc, and two games got added to my AT&T cell phone as result [ I think is what happened after I read this news today] and money withdrawn from my acct over several months by unauthorized web intrusions. I think because I also used that netbook to login to my Sony Qriocity [entertainment] acct so-called 'master acct' for all Sony devices I own. And AT& T is aware also because wrote their webmaster after an AT & T employee told me that AT & T 'has no security" on their cellphones, web or handsets, or online accts for cell phones.

Also, I noticed in this morning's news that Paypal is launching a new service today, but I did not click on that article for fear they would put cookies on my computer to track me and 'auto-log me in" as some of those type companies do. For instance the forthcoming Amazon tablet will automatically login to Amazon when it boots up. 24/7 survelliance by computers is freaking me out, completely.
And if you have anything I have written over the past 20 yrs you know I am a total believer in the civil liberties as defined by the US Constitution [and of course, The Holy Bible first and foremost]. Though I think copyright and patents are necessary to protect the right of the creator of those original works called intellectual properties to market, sell, profit from the works they create, I know it has been exploited by companies like Apple Computers, [who seem to steal whatever anyone adds to iTunes and then resells it to other customers]. and it sounds as if the risk of companies like Verisign taking over original content they want with a plethora of 'reasons" is great. And the risk to civil liberties of First Amendment to publish one's own words, thoughts, works, deeds, and to worship GOD. and to speak on political and religious topics also seems to be at risk with the Verisign plan. Of course, if the rules are only to remove malware [phis-he-rs, viruses, trojans, bad script designed to steal ,loot ,plunder, hijack ] then it could be good. But remember that Verisign is a private company that supposedly "signs" ssl security documents for software. Their motives may not be pure as they stand to gain directly from taking down sites that complain about them or any of their so-called 'insured' ssl* sites.
Also. this is off topic but I have to write it for my conscience sake. I read that some polls consider Romney to be the "heir apparent" to Obama. I pray that is not true. Romney is Obama version of republicans. In fact I do not think Romney is republican but a mere R I N O [republican in name only] and instead a democrat at heart. Romney's words and deeds are democrat. He is not prolife in deed. He is a champion of perverted reprobate behaviors [for definitions of that read Romans chapter one of King James Holy Bible]. He is NOT acceptable as next President of US for those reasons. Also, I think if Romney insists on running he should change parties and run as a democrat against Obama. And I think Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann are all better republicans, better prolifers, and better protectors of civil liberties than Romney, and therefore better suited to be the next president and or VP to each other.
footnote; ssl means secure socket layers and is supposedly safe to enter financial info into.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 9:45am;12-Oct-2011.
I lggged back in to add this also about the previous 2 entries: they are sill very relevant. If you believe for one nano-second that an Iranian conveniently decided to bomb a Saudi Ambassador on the very day that subpoenas from Congress were planned for Obama, Holder, and Sec of State Clinton, then I think you are a fool. That entire story was made up propaganda to attempt to preserve the world image of the US Justice Dept and AG Eric Holder and Pres Obama who are implicated in "gunwalking "scandal where the ATF/Justice Dept/ CIA/all in high places purposely allowed semi-automatic weapons to walk across the borders to arm d-r-ug dealers and the enemies of the US, who are cut-throat murderers. Don't fall for any more of the Obama machinery lies!