Thursday, October 6, 2011

Obama & Holder Implicated in "GunWalking" & Assassinations

I am not an Obama fan, and never was, and never will be for many reasons, and I want to list them here, for the record:
1) he is the worst event that ever happened to the unborn/preborn humans in America. Because he has politically ramrodded the assassins-of-the-tiny-in-the-womb into the mechanism to pay them using taxpayers' money; and because he is the puppet of Planned Parenthood, who gives him millions under the table as their unofficial spokesman.
2) He is of a mindset of tyrannical despot like the kings now being removed from their thrones in Africa and Middle East. He does not think like a President of a REPUBLIC that has a written Constitution, and has done many many things to trample it. Someone else wrote and listed what he has done to suspend,disable the 4th Amendment, the 1st Amendment, the 'right to life' of the preamble, the civil liberty protections of US citizens by ordering the assassination of an American citizen in Yemen, [read the news] and the duties of Congress, and effectiveness of Congress.
3) He is doing much evil to the cause of Christianity by instructing his "Justice dept" [in quotes because that term has no meaning considering what they are actually doing] to take down Christian crosses across the nation by suing cities etc, who have them.
4) His goals as stated by himself in numerous speeches have little to do with the continuity of America but advancing his communist goals of taking from the prosperous to redistribute their wealth. That is one of the goals stated in the Communist Manifesto and is ruinous to any nation, because it penalizes success.
5) he has ramrodded politically abomination as GOD defines it in Leviticus 18:22, KJV. I think he is a closet pervert, which is not the sort of leader that should have ever been in office anywhere, since Romans chapter one says they have "reprobate minds' and describes many of their pagan attitudes.
6) And last but not least, because he and his Attorney General Eric Holder are arming the enemies of America as they slip across the borders along the Southwest corridors/border. I quote: "He [Acting Director of ATF Todd Jones] then quickly confirmed he was talking about the controversial "Operation Fast and Furious" in ATF's Phoenix Division, which featured ATF agents allowing illegally purchased firearms to "walk" from Arizona gun stores across the Mexican border and into the hands of drug cartels. The plan was to trail the weapons to the cartels, but thousands of firearms were lost in the process." and this quote: "Some Republicans are clamoring for a special counsel to investigate whether Attorney General Eric Holder or any of his top political aides knew of the operation early on, and could have stopped it."And this quote:
"Jones was named to the position by Holder 30 days ago, when former Acting Director Ken Melson, under fire, was ousted and given a job as an adviser at the Justice Department." From article in, entitled "New Boss at ATF..." written by Terry Frieden,CNN Justice Producer. Read the entire article because it gives more info.Online today 6-Oct-2011@7:39am
Obama must not be reelected, and it would be even better if he were impeached now for killing an American citizen in Yemen without due process of law. And to answer the question of whether Obama and Holder were implicated, look and see what happened to the man {ATF former Director Melson] responsible for the "gunwalking'. He was removed from that position and promoted to the AG's office to work directly with Eric Holder. Need I say more on that topic?
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 6-Oct-2011;8:37am
Update 7-Oct-2011;8:10am with this news: An article today in Washington Post is setting up the public for rationing:
I told you so, and so did a whole lot of other people i.e. that the so-called Obama plan to regulate and control health care delivery of services was going to ration services, and change the focus from life-giving to what is cheapest & what tricks the most people. Read WashingtonPost article today online at link and especially read quote how it gives K Sebelius who as far as I know has no form of medical education or experience whatsoever, the "ultimate authority" to decide who, what,when,how gets any meaningful health care. And that same Sebelius is a KNOWN "pillar" in the baby-killing industry of "Planned Parenthood".
And also read this article :;_ylt=A2.../
with these quotes:
"American militants like Anwar al-Awlaki are placed on a kill or capture list by a secretive panel of senior government officials,..." + "There is no public record of the operations or decisions of the panel, which is a subset of the White House's National Security Council, several current and former officials said. Neither is there any law establishing its existence or setting out the rules by which it is supposed to operate."
Sounds sort of like the former KGB is Soviet Russia doesn't it, targeting politically inconvenient persons for assassination?Both articles online today 7-Oct-2011, 7:52am
Add this one: regarding whether or not the Republicans in the Senate have to "right" to offer amendments or ask for debate on any bill [they do, but the socialist democrats try every way possible to prevent that]: with quotes:
"Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell fired back saying the Senate was designed by its founders to be "freewheeling body and everyone is better off when we operate that way."
"The country is better off to have at least one place where there is extended debate where you have to reach a super majority to do things," he said."
Gloria Poole; 7-Oct-2011;8:12am