Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Signs of the Times of US Trending to Socialism

There are 3 articles in the news today that when considered together reveal that US is becoming a very socialistic state/nation.

Begin with this quote :
"The Justice Department is proposing new Freedom of Information Act rules allowing the government to inform the public that records do not exist even if they do." And this quote:"and it will dramatically undermine government integrity by allowing a law designed to provide public access to government information to be twisted to permit federal law enforcement agencies to deliberately lie to conceal evidence.

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Article #2 is located at:

with this quote:"The statistics show that the United States continues to lead the world in snooping on Google users. US law enforcement made 5,950 separate requests for user data from 11,057 user accounts. Google complied with the requests 93 percent of the time." And this quote:
" The report gives us a glimpse of how Google deals with censorious laws around the world. In the United States, Google received multiple requests from law enforcement agencies to remove videos allegedly depicting police brutality or the defamation of police officers. Google says it declined these requests."

3rd article highlights what I believe is Obamas method of attempting to destroy words that are not favorable to him:
"Researchers have released an attack tool that makes it trivial for anyone to take down websites that allow users to connect via secure connections.
Unlike most denial-of-service attacks (DoS) that require an attacker to direct a network of distributed computers to take down a website by flooding it with fake traffic, the so-called THC-SSL-DOS tool purportedly allows an attacker to achieve the same result from a single computer — or in the case of a website with a number of webservers, just a handful of computers would be sufficient." I think this is the method that the U s Dept of State & H Clinton used to prevent payments to the hosting companies/publishers that disagree with them. Read more info at:
Article at:
I know one of the methods they use to try to crash my computers is to attack the electrical wiring into computer to try to "fry computer" by overheating wiring , and manipulating the amount of voltage coming into my apt, to run in more than normal trying to disrupt electrical circuits on motherboard. they did that so many times they fried the transformer. And they do that by abusing the Patriot Act to apply it to citizens who are political enemies of Obamas.
I think if you study history you will see that there are parallels in the study of Russia in the run up to the Bolshevik Revolution that toppled the czar and led to communism for decades. And also if you study Hitlers' rise to power in the run up to Nazi fascism in Germany, you will also see parallels. Nation, any nation, that becomes so oblivious to the citizens, that the ruling powers take on an elite, 'we deserve all wealth,all power including the right to kill citizens" , goes through a trial by fire, where millions are assassinated by their own governments or by the rebellions to their own governments and then liberty returns again, after those traumas. I would like for U S to vote out of office the communist/fascist/socialist Obama and replace every person he appointed with someone who believes in and adheres to the U S Constitution and does not kill via assassination his enemies.
Obama is a communist with the classic platform of their manifesto. He has to be voted out of office, or impeached, which would be better, sooner.
And a question for high-powered journalists: what is the "secret FISA Court" that the article about Google being requested to spy on citizens to censor their political/religious speech in Ars Technica refers too? Is Obama's Justice Dept a for-real-KGB-secret-government?
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 5:27pm;25-Oct-2011.
Update @ 6:19pm to add this:
Another medically-ignorant racist Judge in the pocket of Planned Parenthood is District Judge Catherine Eagles.Read article at:
Don't you just hate the Judges who take bribes from Planned Parenthood to force on unsuspecting foolish women the horror of the Planned Parenthood killing regime? And yes, she is racist, hater of women's true nature & calling by GOD, to reproduce the human race. No Judge in America would issue orders for men to undergo surgery without informed consent, and especially surgery on their reproductive glands. A woman's uterus is part of her reproductive system ; yet ignorant Judges and or those bought by Planned Parenthoods' billions from the U S Secretary of States's office and the Dept of Defense issue insane orders all the time. I think every time they do that though, they show how ignorant they are of science including human reproduction, anatomy & physiology,obstetrics. Why does the US continue to put up with God-forsaken STUPID Judges that order the mass genocide of our future citizens through chicanery of abortionists-assassins of the tiniest, most defenseless, and that is those humans in the stage of development of living in their mother's uterus and growing there??? Why? When is enough slaughtered tiny humans enough?? When? That is why the US is coming apart--they have forsaken GOD's laws for the fake laws of bad people.