Thursday, April 1, 2010

Scott Roeder a hero for unborn/preborn humans!

I read in the news today that Scott Roeder who killed that assassin of innocent babies is to be sentenced. I am only sorry he did not shoot that evil Carhartt too and every assassin of innocents-in-the-womb before being caught.

He is a true American hero. Of the caliber of John Brown who helped free slaves and Sojourner Truth who broke the laws to help slaves escape to the North via underground systems of secret transportation. And on the international level, he is on par with Oskar Schindler of Germany who helped save some Jews from certain death.

Soctt Roeder --you are the turning point for America, the pivot on which America turned to see the truth that those who kill innocents in the womb when humans are the most innocent and most defenseless, must be stopped by any method necessary. Assassins of innocents must be stopped. That horrible man you killed is in hell no doubt unless he repented of his evil with his last dying breath. He killed thousands and you killed one and yet who was on trial? That shows how perverted the concept of justice is in America and how twisted and sick the minds of those who kill innocents-in-the-womb have become. The killing machinery like in Nazi Germany rolls along over thousands indeed tens of thousands, thousands of thousands [about a million annually in the US] to slaughter them without mercy. I am glad you stopped one of the most evil of all time that horrible Tiller the killer! I think you will have a reward in heaven for avenging the innocents.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 7:42 AM, 1-April-2010