Tuesday, March 23, 2010

AG of Fl files fed lawsuit;13 other states join

I tried updating my tweets at http://twitter.com/gloriapoole/ but they blocked it. They really hate prolifers and Christians and especially most of all Republicans! So read my tweets on it that they are trying to prevent being added too today.
What I wanted to add to my tweets is this news:
The Florida Attorney General filed a federal lawsuit in Pensacola to challenge the constitutionality of the bad public policy of Obama. The good fellow who filed that was Bill McCollum of Florida and the states that joined him were :
South Carolina, Texas, Michigan, Nebraska, Utah, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Dakota,Louisiana, Idaho, Washington, Colorado, and I think I forgot to write one of them down. I was reading from Reuters news articles however so you could look them up.
Also Senators Graham of SC, Bennett of Utah, Bond of Missouri, Chambliss of GA, Crapo of Idaho, and many more introduced legislation to repeal the bad killing bill of Obama-Pelosi falsely labeled health care reform. My computer was attacked by the Pentagon I think since it has behaved in bizarre ways all day and I have had to reboot it constantly to prevent criminal hackers from intruding into it.
Communist Obama snd his band of thugs at work again no doubt.
Gloria Poole, Missouri; time is 2:48 PM, 23-March-2010