Monday, April 26, 2010

My Two Most recent sketches: Prince Wm & Scots

This above is my sketch only, of Flight Lt Wales aka Prince William of UK. I have to redo this sketch but it's a first attempt to get a respectable image of him on paper via drawing/painting.

This is also my first attempt to sketch from a photo I saw in the BBC news today of Scotland's famous Black Watch arriving in Afghanistan. I revised it to simplify it some and have to redo. That ?? Sikorsky does not look right.
I also added these to my repository site for my sketches at:
Also about the previous entry: believe me when I tell you I am going to get control of MY NAME and my websites/domains and of my originals paintings' photos ,and original sketches' images and original drawings [pencils, inks, charcoal] photos and also of my genre photographs AND my words/teachings/writings/poems also. I reason that the criminals will abandon the effort to steal my name and websites when they see that I WON'T abandon them!
Gloria Poole;@ home in Missouri; 7:45 AM ; 26-April-2010
Update after doing a whois search for my domain of today after notifying a bad hosting company named Network Solutions six months ago that I moved to Missouri. The bad hosting company Network Solutions required that i submit my RN license to them to get the domain of and then they used that info to help criminals steal my domains and emails. There is NO ONE IN Colorado related to me or in any way associated with anything I have ever done. There is NO family of mine in Colorado and never was. The evil second exhusband who could be in Colorado or prison or extradited to Mexico, was NEVER authorized on any hosting acct of mine-- nor on any financial acct that paid the hosting accts and not on any financial accts since 2005; but he stole U S mail by diverting my US mail to his "boy friend's" house in zip code 80218 [I think zip] after he tried to cripple me and each of several times that he tried to kill me. He also stole my name or tried too in federal court where I was summoned because he owes me a ton of money for refusing to obey three Judges in Colorado. He is an evil man, but he is NOT going to win; and neither are the people who moved into my previous studio aprt in Denver Co 80203 who apparently answer the phone there and lie to hosting companies. Or else Network solutions is like most of the internet hosting companies and are absolutely crooked. Whoever moved into the previous building that I paid rent to live in, has no relationship to me whatsoever, and is unknown to me, and not authorized to use my name or my domains' names or have possession of my US mail or any identifying documents of mine. FYI. Consider this a legal notice that I moved to Missouri on Oct 31,2009 and would not move back to Colorado under any circumstances. I consider Colorado a lawless godless place and the seven years I lived there were like living in the wilderness.
I have repeatedly told Network Solutions and that I moved but they do not call my rightful numbers because they are trying to help criminals steal my domains and they purposely send written materials to addresses that they absolutely know are not mine since Oct 2009, and they purposely stole my accts and they purposely refused to verify my name on my accts by spinning off the name field from the card number [as do most hosting companies that do not want to be bothered with verifying who owns the card I have learned the hard way after being defrauded several times by crooks in hosting companies.
Gloria Poole; 9:02AM, 26-APril-2010.