Tuesday, April 6, 2010

See my most recent painting @ blog; Warning about domains

See some of my most recent additions to my paintings, sketches, and genre photographry by visiting these Microsoft spaces blogs belonging to me:

has some of my original photos of goldfish, mountains, skies etc;
and http://gloria-poole.spaces.live.com/
has my most recent painting I painted of "Thoroughbreds' in oils
;http://gloria0817.spaces.live.com/ has my original sketch I painted
before I painted the idea into oils;
and http://purple-glo.spaces.live.com/
has some more of my original genre photography of iconic type of images
but that I photographed as I walked about;
and http://morning-glori.spaces.live.com/
has one of my original photos that I photographed when I lived
at Denver Co 80203 but that I have added to that site because of the
purple sky. I moved from Colorado on Oct 31,2009. Remember that I own the copyright to my photography and to my paintings, sketches and drawings so do not download them or save them to a disk.
I do not ever intend to move back to Colorado--it is a lawless state
and has no protection whatsoever for women abused by men [the man who
was my husband fractured my leg in 2006 and the courts sent him to
a weekly brag-about-it session as his 'punishment. I am divorced from that
evil man now and thank GOD! But that is why I would never live in that
state again--it has a contempt for women.
9:24 AM 4/6/2010
Also my original intent for this entry was to remind you that if you own
a domain on the internet, learn from my experience about that. Don't assume
that just because you ordered it with your info and paid for it with your card
that you still own it. The theft of domains is very common on the internet.Criminals lurk everywhere it seems.
Your website might not have changed so that is not the clue. And you might as
I have done have signed into your account and verified your info but the
hosting companies have secretive files [they call it protecting your privacy
] but usually what they are protecting is the fact that they tried to auction
off your domain while it belonged to you to the highest bidder. Hosting companies
are sadly not with much integrity in the US because of the illegal spying by
the Obama adminstration who considers any prolifer an enemy of his. i am a prolifer
from the get-go and the illegal wire-tapping of my phone and the spying on my
computer and the repeated attempts by the Obama administration and that woman
from hell named H Clinton to abuse their powers to try to fry my personal and
private computer are numerous. I could write a book on that subject.
Pay attention to your domains and write internic if you find that they were hijacked!
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is9:30AM, 6-April-2010