Sunday, April 18, 2010

Center for Killing Opposes Nebraska law to prevent killing

I read the AP article in Yahoo news a few minutes ago about the Nebraska law that redefines the abortion debate by emphasizing the agonizing death of the baby in the womb. And how the prodeathers are trying to persuade the nation through their PR campaign financed by Planned Unparenthood that it is wrong to side with human babies in the womb. Here are my comments to their PR campaign that is intended to turn the nation's focus away from the tiny human in the womb and back to wicked women who kill.

What if the article from the Planned Unparenthood PR campaign said this:

The Center for killing black people is arguing that there is a right to string up black folks on trees for being unwanted. The state of Nebraska is opposed to that, and has passed a law making the stringing up of black folks in trees [lynching] is a crime that should be stopped. But the Center for killing black people makes these arguments:
-the right to kill black folks is enshrined by the Supreme Court as 'public law"
- it is 'settled law' that when a black person is unwanted, the person who does not want him or her, could lynch him or her without any sort of due process whatsoever.
- it is inconvenient for those who want to lynch black people to have to go to the expense to seek the Court's permission to lynch a black person, so therefore the state of Nebraska has put undue burdens on the right of white folks to kill black folks.
- black folks are not real people. They are not 'convenient' to the nation. They are not necessary. Killing them must be a right for the sake of the 'rights' of white people.
- black people are only potential persons, not important to the nation in any way. The state of Nebrasks by attempting to prevent black folks from being lynched is violating the rights of white folks.
- the center for killing black folks has fought many legal battles to maintain the right to kill black folks,and they must continue the 'right' to kill black folks or lose their constituency and donors.
- the center for black folks has bought a lot of Judges and Congress people to secure the right to kill black folks; and that 'right' must be protected.
-Nebraska has no right to interfere in the attempt to prevent the killing of black folks because they are not a democratic stronghold state.
_Nebraskans might produce enough grain to feed the world and be kind-hearted but they have no right to interfere in what the anti-life establishment of Wall St and Washington have declared as 'facts' that black people are unwanted, unnecessary,and therefore subject to immediate death if they cross the path of a white person who does not want them.

I could go on,but I pray you are intelligent enough to grasp the issues here.
Gloria Poole; Missouri. time is 4:15 PM, 18-April-2010