Thursday, April 1, 2010

Terrorism is what Tiller the Killer did

This is my response to the PR propaganda written by that horrible from hell planned unparenthood who in their evil are trying to prosecute Scott Roeder for killing an assassin. They say that a grown man shooting a grown man who knew he deserved it and expected it if he went to any GOD-fearing church ever in his life, was an act of terrorism. I say it was not. Let me define terrorism for you:
it is when a grown man who was trained medically to help sick people becomes evil and begins killing the tiniest most defenseless humans of all, with deliberation and premediation. It is when a Tiller the killer purposely puts a defenseless tiny human on a list to be destroyed for the sins of someone else. Terrorism is when a grown man takes what amounts to a surgical machete and hacks to pieces a tiny human for no reason, and when that tiny human had absolutely no way to defend the self or even cry for help. What Tiller the killer did was terrorism. What Carhartt does is terrorism. What every abortionists does is terrorism. What Scott Roeder did was avenge the innocents who were worthy of life but who were massacred by evil people like the Obamas, and the Pelosis and the Kennedys for their blood and tissues and the blood money they got in bribes, and kickbacks and lobbying "expenses" from BIG ABORTON industry.
Scroll down a few entries and see the medical photos of tiny humans of about the size that Tiller the killer killed routinely for pay. And then ask yourself why he did not stand trial for his many murders. Tiller was a mass murderer and since the Kansas Police would not stop him, Scott Roeder did. And thank GOD for Scott Roeder. May GOD raise up many more Scott Roeders to gun down those who massacre innocents if that is what it takes to end the horror of abortion in America and everywhere.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 2:16 PM, 1-April-2010
Update after reading article in the Yahoo news about a gruesome business of dismembering humans with a chain saw in the so-called "Learning Center" of NM and then sending them without notification of human tissues [contaminated and capable of spreading all sorts of disease including plague] to be cremated in Kansas.How fitting that a state medical assocation that turned a blind eye to the methodical dismembering of human babies is being shipped dismembered human adults as their 'reward" from hell! Read article in Yahoo news that says the man responsible was arrested. But he'll probably hire the Tiller the killer attorney from hell and get a slap on the wrist and an oh you naughty boy you from the Medical Association of killing doctors in Kansas.