Friday, April 9, 2010

My Comments were censored by The Atlantic topic Confederacy

I am posting my comments here that were censored from The Atlantic this morning on the topic of the Confederacy. Since I am somewhat of an expert on living in the Confederate states I wanted to comment but The Atlantic violated my civil liberties by exercising prior restraint of my words because I am Christian and prolife and oppose the sins of sodomy and abortion. Citizens in the US have first amendment liberties including the right to believe in GOD and to say so, or write those beliefs. And to publish them in any format labeled as 'public' forums or comments. Since The Atlantic did not say their comment sections was only for their subscribers and since they did say that they were seeking comments on the confederacy, I think that they exercised illegal prior restraints [deciding beforehand that they would not allow christians to comment] and so I am posting them here for the public. For two reasons: to show what was written that they censored for no reason except to discriminate against me, and to alert their subscribers that they are prejudiced against Christians.As I wrote them and submitted them in the time noted at the end of the paragraphs with my name>
Reply on several comments:
1) There is certainly a prejudice against Southerners that is as strong as it is attempted to be hidden by those who like to pretend they are not prejudiced. I am a Southern Baptist woman and I have encountered that prejudice in many ways. Once a person made a statement to me about how would I know something being ignorant and from the South? So I asked that person if she had a Registered Nurse's license and she said no, and I said ' well, I do". Then I asked her if she had graduated from a University and she said no, and I said 'well I did. From the University of Georgia." She realized her own prejudice but she is not alone in her assumptions. Northerners often assume that they have all the answers by virtue of having been born in or moved to the North, not for any other reason.
2) The way of life i.e. the culture of the south is very complex. It involves a reverance for the Name of GOD that most other parts of the nation do not have or respect. It also involves a slower lifestyle where children expect time with their parents to be more than an hr spent in front of the tube, but family picnics, swimming parties, tailgate parties, celebrations of marriages, births and yes, family gatherings at funerals too. It is also involves a recognition that the usual money-power-grab of the world is not what drives the South.
3) The Confederacy was not and is not a 'fringe' or a 'lunacy' as one NY Times writer called it this am in her op-ed piece of propaganda. It was and is a solidly bound together group of states that began when their forefathers rebelled and revolted and fled nations that had become oppressive to the civil liberties of humans. That background created a coterie of states that knew what they were about, what they believed and knew that there comes a time when fighting for, defending their civil liberties could be necessary again.
4) The Confederate states may have to secede again because the proabort establishment is trying to annihilate the future of America. The radical rewrite of the health care industry was not so much about health care as about the implementation of socialism and the takeover of the civil liberties of citizens to decide what they will buy and what they won't buy. It hss to be defeated even if that means secession from a Union that is already torn apart by the methodical premeditated murders of innocents in the womb, created as a 'right' by a wicked Supreme court that usurped power it was not given in the Constitution. There is no such right as a right to kill one's offspring,and GOD willing there never will be.
5) The Bible that most Southerners respect and adhere too, makes no allowance for 'toalerance' of sins of abortion or sodomy. There is no such right as the right to sodomize anyone either and GOD will not ever allow that to happen as HE destroyed Sodom and Gomorrha for those sins according to the Bible.
Gloria Poole, Missouri; time is 10:01 AM, 9th-April-2010