Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jellyfish, train, peaches sketches by Gloria Poole of Missouri

This first sketch is my version of a jellyfish. If you ever swim in the ocean, you will see jellyfishes come to the shore and they don't look much like this! I just painted them this way because I wanted too. Watercolor on 8x11 paper. On the wall behind this [behind my easel] is the oil painting I painyted and named "Korean' for my ethnic series. You can see that oil painting and many of the oil paintings and sketches I created on my mini-exhibition blog and also on my Picasa album at https://picasaweb.google.com/gloriapoole and select the ethnic series album(s).
I got very aggravated trying to create this sketch. I couldn't seem to make the train look right so here it is. I named it train thru foothills and it is watercolors and acrylic on paper.

. This sketch is peaches as they look in the state of Georgia, where I was born. Peaches is one of Georgia's most abundant crops. I love to eat peaches and I love to put them into tea. If you never had real iced tea with peaches in it you missed one of life's best easy simple good beverages.

Also, I posted sketches I created to these blogs of mine: http://gloriapoole.wordpress.com; https://gloriapoole-RN-artist.blogspot.com includes the words I wrote for teaching public health issues; and I posted ethnic series sketches I created of Russians on my Gloria's blog at https://mini-exhibition.blogspot.com. And I put a sketch I drew and painted of Notting Hill, [UK] carnival reveler on my https://lifes-entertainment.blogspot.com that has theme of events/ activities that are entertaining and fun.

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