Monday, August 25, 2014

Band Practice sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia;Update

I, Gloria Poole, drew, painted, signed [twice] and photographed several times, and uploaded this acrylic paint sketch on 14 x 17 paper, today 21 August 2014. I signed it in pencil in the right margin with my surname also when I did the pencil drawing and then signed it again in paint in bottom left corner. I named this sketch "High School band practice". Both of my daughters {Jennifer and Leigh] were in band in school so it is scene I witnessed in my life many times when I drove to get them from school when they had after-school practices for marching band. The instruments in this sketch from left to right are a flute, a piccolo, a violin and a trumpet.

Also, remember that I blog as a prolife activist and that I as a Registered Nurse actively promote the personhood amendment for all humans with human dna especially those in the womb. I create resources for that cause as both an R.N. and an artist in all mediums. You can learn much by reading what I write and you can start with these resources for prolife activists and for those people who are considering the prolife issues and want to read more and find ways to get involved: is the how to be emergency midwife quick info for people who might ever have to deliver a baby.

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Some ways to educate yourself about human life in the womb are : [medical reference books} scroll to Feb 25th 2014 post

Article about Clostridium Difficile which is an anaerobic bacteria that is a huge risk of abortions and one of the main reasons to never have an abortion, at:

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Civil liberties for preborn is post for April 10, 2014 on and includes medical photos of tiny humans.

Also, post on 27 Feb 2014 same blog is "Babies in uteri look human" with medical photos.

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Other prolife blogs I own and create and write one by one at different times are: [It's all about ending abortion]"; [which is a Public Health teaching of all blog of mine]

and others also. I list sites and blogs differently at different times to help circulate all of them individually. They are each unique with different content and different facts about the prolife cause.

I put art I created as a mini exhibit for Mother's Day 2014 on my Gloria's blog at And I put art I created / create on other blogs also and you can find a list of those on other posts of this blog by scrolling back or by seeing the about me page.

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I posted sketches I created to these blogs of mine:; and I also posted words for teaching public health issues; and I posted ethnic series sketches I created of Russians on my Gloria's blog at So, visit those sites to see what I have accomplished in past 3 days. All copyright and blog content in this post remains as previously published on 21 August. .