Monday, September 1, 2014

Engineer sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri ;Update2

. This sketch is NOT a real person. I, Gloria Poole, drew this, painted it in watercolors first, didn't like it, re-painted it in acrylics, signed it, and named it "Hard hat". It is 8 x 11 in sketch book. It is supposed to be a civil engineer wearing protective goggles, a safety alert vest [that shouts "I am on the premises so don't back over me] and a hard hat. It is one of the ethnic series sketches and I painted it to resemble German characteristics. I messed up the door frame and tried to correct it [several times] but it's obvious. It's merely a sketch and sketches aren't usually considered permanent works of art, though they can be. One of my brothers and also one of my uncles on my mother's side of the family are civil engineers. I'm familiar with what they do, and the amount of work, study, practice , diligence, math , science ,that is required to get that professional designation of Professional Engineer and the degrees that precede the licensing tests. I also updated 2 of my @prolife blogs at, and And also I put sketches/ oil painting I created on two more of my blogs at, since the 27th of August.

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Also, remember that Gloria Poole is my real, born with, legal name since I resumed my full maiden name including my surname of Poole, in Oct 2007 in Arapahoe County Colorado at time of final divorce decree from male DBP after four horrible years of second marriage in which he tried several times to kill me and injured me physically repeatedly [fractures, concussion, strangulation attempt] and I removed his surname of Pappas from my name forevermore at that time. You can read more about those awful years in Colorado on another blog of mine in my former married name at and on the about me page of this blog. I, Gloria Poole, am a white, single, twice-divorced, Southern Baptist Christian woman and the natural mother of two grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh. I, Gloria Poole, am also a poet, artist in all mediums, former TV Producer; cartoonist at times, illustrator, author, republican, prolife activist, personhood amendment promoter, University of Georgia alumna, U S citizen by birth in state of Georgia,citizen journo, brown-headed photographer, writer, blogger. Also see and other blogs I create and own on the about me page and previous post. I MOVED to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009 with my ethnic series of art and my sketches; and my possessions I had at that time. Also see the blog I have that is in my former married name for the "record" of those years in Colorado and the words, art, photos I created then at

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