Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ethnic series by Gloria Poole of Missouri

Scroll down pg to see the second photo of oil painting The Scotsman and read words to understand what is my point with blurred photo:

The Scotsman oil painting by Gloria Poole that I, Gloria, painted in yr 2007 when I lived in Colorado. I brought all of these oil paintings wwith me to Missouri when I moved here on Oct 31, 2009. This is the first batch of the ethnic series I painted and it is a set / series and it has been displayed on other blogs and websites of mine before. This is just a reminder tht I drew painted signed photographed and uploaded this art to this blog and to EVERY place where I had displayed it since 2007. There are all oil on canvas of exact same size and all painted within a short time span by me Gloria. NONE of these are real people but only made-up / pretend/ composite people by me to try to paint the physical characteristics and costumes of different ethnic groups. Since criminals at remote who break into my isp account tried to shrink this photo [to hide my signature on it] but I re-enlarged it with code but it made it fuzzy. I HAVE THIS painting in my possession and I own all rights to it and to the image of it. Hopefully the @FBI will find those who stole the photo for their purposes that I photographed of this in year 2007 when I painted it and displayed it on my then domain of gloriapoole dot com and prosecute them for copyright infringement of art I created and my name. You can see a better photo of this on another blog of mine at I do not have time to rephotograph it today as I have company coming but the photo on my computer is not blurred. Update few minutes later: I found my other photo of The Scotsman where I had rephotographed it in here in Missouri and added at the bottom of the other sketches here so you can compare it. The blur is not on the photo but was caused by criminals at remote trying to prevent ME from USING MY OWN OIL PAINTING I PAINTED AND OWN ABSOLUTELY!

The second one is "The Sultan" oil painting on canvas foe ethnic series painted by Gloria Poole, yr 2007.

"French Man" ethnic series oil painting by Gloria Poole, oil on canvas.

German Lady" oil painting by Gloria Poole year 2007, oil on canvas

Native American Indian woman" oil painting for ethnic series by Gloria Poole.

English Lady" oil painting for ethnic series by Gloria Poole; oil on canvas.

Mandarin Orange Chinese Lady " oil painting for ethnic series by Gloria Poole.

" Irish Jake" oil painting for ethnic series by Gloria Poole.

Greek Lady oil painting for ethnic series by Gloria Poole.

Copyright Notice: this blog and all content on it, all art, all words, all photos belong exclusively to me Gloria Poole residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia; and it may not be transferred to anyone anywhere, nor be saved to disk, nor printd at remote, nor re-published, nor copied, nor photocopied. I have all of these originals and some day may sell them as a group. But in the meantime, I am reminding the world that I painted these, that they are NOT real people, that these are the first batch of the series I labeled "ethnic series" that now contains about 35-40 oil paintings and hundreds of sketches on paper, and that I own the copyright and all rights to the art I created or do create in any location, for any reason, with any tool r method whether or not I display it anywhere and whether or not I photograph it or hire somebody too. I own the copyright to all art I have ever created unless I signed on paper a notarized bill of sale or contract to exhibit. This blog is covered by U S Copyright law and I, Gloria Poole, own all rights to it and to all art I created or do create, and all words I write, all poems, songs, tunes, essays, medical lessons, and blog posts that I write. See my about me page for more info.

Also, for the record: I am a white, twice divorced Southern Baptist Christian woman and a U S citizen born in the state of Georgia. I am also the mother of two grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh,[but no sons] and a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, a poet, author, cartoonist, illustrator, citizen journo, writer, blogger, photographer. I am not an employee of anyone and I have never created art for anyone as an employee of anyone. I create art as a hobby per IRS standards and some day I hope to profit from it since U S federal govt forces cheated me out of money rightfully due to me by Court orders of five Judges in Colorado.

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