Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sketches & paintings of babies & toddlers by Gloria Poole of Georgia and Missouri;Update2

I, Gloria Poole, born in state of Georgia but residing in Missouri drew, painted, signed, photographed, uploaded all of this art and it is copyrighted. This first sketch of a toddler or tot as some people call a child of 2-3 years old is the one I completed this morning but started yesterday with the pencil drawing and watercolor preliminary. This is about the 5th time I have attempted to draw a child of that age. The proportions of small children are very different from adults because a child's head is about 1/3 of the total length of the body whereas an adults is 1/6 of the total length of the body approximately. I have always loved the Mary Cassatt paintings of mothers and children. Even though I am not as good an artist as Mary Cassatt was,[19th century artist], I wanted to create a set of similar beautiful paintings in this century that cause people to think about babies and toddlers, who are totally dependent on adults to provide, nurture, warm, love, teach, train them up right. I see improvement in myself with this sketch. This sketch is acrylics on 8x11 paper.

This sketch is a mother and her infant and it is on another blog of mine [htps://] . The woman in it is not a real person but I sort of modeled the skin and hair shades of humanity from my daughters. It is acrylics on paper.

This is an oil painting of a newborn sleeping on the daddy's outstretched arm to show the size of a newborn in comparison to an adult male. It is oil on canvas and I have displayed it on other blogs. I have this original on my wall.

This 4th sketch is one of my first attempts to draw/ sketch a toddler and you can see it is not a great sketch. I learn much by saving everything I create because it helps me see my own progress in acquiring drawing and painting skills. I created this in yr 2007 with powdered pastels.

This sketch is in sepia ink and I named it "lil boy and lil girl have a secret" and I drew this in year 2006 when I lived in Aurora Colorado and was married at that time, but I divorced in Oct 2007 and removed the Pappas name from my name by court order at time of final decree; and moved to Missouri with my belongings and art in Oct 2009.

This 5th sketch is acrylics on paper 16 x 20 and I created this specifically because my grandson Elijah who was 2 at the time [now 3 1/2] said he was "afraid of the alien" [oil painting I painted] and wanted me to "paint a little boy". So I tried. I named this "you don't want me to have soda?" because one day when he and his mama [Leigh, my youngest daughter] were visiting me and eating lunch with me, I poured him some soft drink. His mama snatched that away in a flash and said 'no soda for him!" And he was incredulous and said "you don't want me to have soda?" He didn't even know what "soda" is. But it startled him. This sketch is not him but it resembled him some at the time. He loves it and I framed it and put it on wall just for him when he comes to visit. I don't think they would be embarrassed by me telling this since most mothers don't want toddlers to have soft drinks. {And I didn't either when my daughters x 2 were that age--I just wasn't thinking.]

This sketch is another sketch of a a child about 1 year old in his pj's being surprised by something. I didn't quite get the shape of the head correct, but it's merely a sketch which is a preliminary drawing/ painting to define how an artist wants a finished something to look. I named this sketch "yikes!" and it is on paper in watercolors. I think I posted this to my twitter account @gloriapoole along with a few other art works I created but somebody at remote tried to hijack my ability to post art I create to that twitter and I quit trying too. Twitter is trying to manipulate what photos I post and I don't like that. Twitter has some good points but it is not prolife [which is a huge strike against them in my opinion] and tries to suppress prolife images [which is why they try to prevent me from adding photos to it.]

This is also one of my albums on the web that contains some of the art I created and the genre photos I photographed :

Also, I hope you liked the sketches of farm life [previous post] , but I forgot to add the oil painting I painted in 2006 and named "the farm" but it is on this blog in archives already I think and I think also on another blog of mine, possibly I post art to several blogs of mine and also blog on the prolife and personhood cause and sometimes I add art I create to those set of blogs also. There is a list of the blogs I create on this blog in archives.

Copyright notice: this blog and all content, all words, all photos and all art on it belongs exclusively to me Gloria Poole residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia. I am also a white twice-divorced woman,a Southern Baptist Christian, a mother of only 2 children who are grown daughters named Jennifer and Leigh, and a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, and poet, author, writer, blogger, citizen journo, prolife activist, personhood amendment promoter, photographer, cartoonist, illustrator, and I painted/ am painting the ethnic series since yr 2006. I also am republican and single. For more of the past history of my chaotic life read my blog in former married name at and also the about me on this blog and the previous two posts on this blog. I think someday I will complete the book I began that is part fiction but that includes many actual events that happened in my life but that are so personal I prefer to write it as a 3rd person account to distance myself some from the trauma of my life. Also, I created 2 other sketches in past 48 hrs and will probably post them to blogs also.

Update on 31 July 2014 at 3:24pm by me Gloria to add this paragraph:

Yesterday I wrote a blog post on my official blog for Tapestry of LIFE at, and old Hillary Has-Been's team of hackers broke into my computer overnight while my computer was unplugged from electricity and the modem and the modem was unplugged from wall jack, and electricity and my computer. If you read that blog post, you will understand why her campaign team of thugs and internet hackers broke into my account to silence me. I was not able to connect to my internet until about ten minutes ago though I waked up about 5 am [usual for me], drew sketches, photographed them and tried to get online about 9am. After 2 hours of trying to reslve the problems myself I called the telephone company repair and after about an hour on the phone with telephone company, they said the problem was in New York. Well, I knew immediately because what ex-senator lives in NY who is trying to railroad the nation into "choosing" her as next President by use of all con-tricks in the book? Old Hillary has-Been. The only woman more devious than Hillary is, is Jezebel of the Old Testament whom GOD sent prophets to warn because she was so evil. Well, I prayed and I tweeted about it and then I napped, and then I tried again. But I have made a point of writing to document every time political hackers break into anything of mine in an attempt to silence me. Prior restraint of speech is unconstitutional per First Amendment.

Update2 on 2 August, by me Gloria to add this:

Since I posted to this blog, I have also added more art I created to these blogs of mine: [things in nature art I created] ; and [cartoons to amuse small children but all can see them of course; and [tennis sketch] [Queen Elizabeth II wearing fur hat sketch] [How to prevent infectious diseases written by me as Registered Nurse]

and of course, I tweeted. I am finding that it helps me to cross-reference blogs that I put original art I create on especially, to help define my scope of art I have created and scattered on web.

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