Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More sketches I created

These are some of the sketches I created in the past week. I added one in rough draft form to another blog a few days ago, but you can see the finished sketch here [the third sketch entitled, 'maybe those table manners could use some work?" in which the little girl is drinking from her bowl. I named the first two sketches in acrylics, "sitting on the dock". One is a close up of the figures in the sketch and one is a full view of it. It took a total of five times to add these sketches today. The first 2 sets were fractured by cybercriminals breaking into my phone. The 3rd was stolen as I sent it. These were attempted to be hijacked from me. The "people" in these sketches are not real people. They are imaginary. However I do have two grown daughters [who are married , with children including girls and boys] and no doubt I am influenced by how they look at different times. And I myself have spent much time of my life at the lake when I was married the first time and had a ski boat, and so the scenes of lakes & oceans [I am from state of Georgia] are very familiar to me. So here they are:

Gloria Poole; RN & artist , at my apt in Missouri; 2:26pm; 1-May-2013.

Regardless of what criminals who are not related to me or authorized on any account of mine tell you, I am not moving from my apt nor from Missouri. {At least not any time soon. I can't say never-- I wonder often if anybody will stay in US because of all the radical socialism schemes of that wicked Obama; or if all will emigrate to liberty to not be harassed by thugs and bad law enforcement in Colorado?} I am at liberty as much as anyone is. But every time I use my cell phone I bought, paid in full for, pay the plan on to send photos of art I create to my own blog, criminals try to intercept it. It makes me furious! I have many phones with many different plans but I never had a Verizon phone but Verizon "ecrminals" try to break into my phones and have for about a year.] I despise Verizon now. I cancelled my mifi with them five months ago because they supplied the password to my violent exhusband who said he would kill me. I don't do ever willingly, knowingly do business with criminals! ].