Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sketches Inspired by Ballets

I have witnessed, photographed ballet performances intermittently since my two daughters took ballet lessons. There's much hustle in the backstage dressing rooms, the photo areas, the stage as they prepare to perform. That's true of any major production of course. I have also witnessed as TV studios were set up, and also "manned" the big TV camera at times [ I am a woman] and watched TV performances be filmed for playback on TV. These three sketches are some of my sketches done over a period of time, as I was trying to learn to paint what I saw in several places [but with my artistic interpretation [called artistic license] of them. They are very rough images-- on my drawing board that accompanies me to lots of areas of my apt. They are not perfect sketches by any stretch of imagination. But it's a learning process. I drew these free-hand [as always] and then painted them. The lighter color plie [French, should have accent] is in watercolors, and the other two are acrylics. I named the one of the adult putting on make-up behind the scenes "backstage" as that is what the prima ballerina does before putting on her costume. And I named the others ballerina and ballerina2 I think.

Copyright notice:

I Gloria Poole, a white single Christian woman [mother, grandmother] artist, writer, blogger, republican, prolifer,Registered Nurse, own all rights to all art I create in any form, fashion, with any tool, on any surface, displayed publicly or not.You may look at it as much as you like but please do not download it or make copies of it. Creating art is my way of sharing with the world. But I only give the actual images or art away in a very few instances. I was born in Georgia but have lived in many places since; and currently reside in Missouri. Read my about page and also visit the links included on other posts to see more of my art I created.

There has been an on-going effort by criminals since about 2004 to steal anything I put on the web. So, it's an effort to keep any of it on the web.

If you want to contact me, and your intentions are good [as in not planning to kill me or ruin me] you can call me --I have phones--or email me, or write to me via U S mail in Missouri. Also, my daughters Jennifer , and Leigh know how to get in touch with me; and also my siblings in Georgia,and Alabama. Also, my contact info since 2007 is probably in a Google search somewhere; and is on some of my blogs. I am interested in getting a physical gallery & seem to need help with that. I still do not have much physical stamina and tire way sooner than I want too, usually,from trauma twice. I have many paintings in oils and hundreds of sketches--my art spans time from about 1993 to yesterday. I have another sketch in process on my drawing table. Some of my sketches are better than others depending on how tired I was at the time.

Gloria Poole, at my apt in Missouri; 27 April-2013; 9:37am; PS. Gloria Poole is my real born with name. You may not use my name as commercial property in any way. I own all rights to my name.