Friday, May 17, 2013

I photographed roses on walkabout

These photos are of the same rose obviously. This is an experiment for me mostly to see if there is a huge difference in two of the cameras I use the most. See if you can tell any difference in them.

Also, I have many comments about event of this past week that are in the news but I will add them to a different blog so as not to appear to be "rewarding" it with flowers!

Also, I have not done much sketching or painting this past week. I sort of paint/sketch/draw in spurts sort of like a pulse. I wait til I have an idea or inspiration before beginning usually, and then paint/sketch/draw for several days, then take time-out.

The weather in Missouri is spring finally. Emerald green grass on the lawn, blue sky with white clouds, lovely view from my balcony at the moment since the pool is right in front of me when I'm on my balcony.

Gloria Poole {R.N. & artist] at my apt in Missouri; 5:30pm; 17-May-2013