Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Tribute, 2013, to my father who died

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Memorial Day Tribute 2013 for my Daddy who died in Dec 2004:

I remember

written by Gloria Poole aka gloriapoole

I remember

my daddy said,

"the Army will make a man outa you"

to my brothers

when they were teens

and fighting each other

on the lawn.

I remember

my daddy said,

"don't you ever

criticize the Military--

they are

what makes this country great".

I remember

my daddy said,

"I went to Bakersfield

on the way to Europe

to fight

the Germans

but the war ended."

I remember,

my daddy said,

"when I die,

I want the U S flag

on my coffin"

& a Military funeral."

I remember,

my daddy said

when I asked

if he knew The Lord?

That "he took care

of that so long ago.

I remember,

my daddy said,

"you kids needed

a mama

so I couldn't divorce her.

I remember,

my daddy said,

"When I saw you walk

that Georgia graduation

it was one

of the happiest

days of my life".

I remember,

my daddy said,

when I knelt beside his bed

& pleaded with him,

"get up, daddy

you are too young

to die

that he "would do it

just for me.

I remember,

my daddy said,

" I always loved your mama",

"but she never loved me.

And I cried.

I remember,

my daddy said

one night about 2am

that if he didn't go

& give blood

the woman down the street

. would die.

From some disease

she'd had

for many years.

I remember,

my daddy said,

to the neighbor who drove about 90 mph; "if you run over

one of my kids

I'll kill you.

I remember,

my daddy said,

"I've got to go

crank up the big tractor

and pull that idiot

who missed the curve

out of the ditch.

I remember,

my daddy said,

he was "hard-line Baptist"

and his granddaddy was a

Minister back home.

I remember,

my daddy said,

as he held my first-born

. child

a daughter named Jennifer

that she pleased him so much.

I remember,

my daddy said,

as he held my second

. child

a daughter,named Leigh

that "she looks sorta yellow"

but she'll be fine.

And she pleased him too.

I remember,

my daddy said,

when I was about 4

and neighbors were visting

and I was chattering

"if you will be quiet

for just 5 minutes

I'll give you a quarter."

I remember,

my daddy said

one nite

during spend-the-nite

giggle -fest. and go to sleep

"I'm gonna whip the both

of you.

There are so memories of my daddy. He was the rock of Gibraltar for me--a steady, unwavering influence that endured for all his life. He knew right from wrong, didn't waffle, and his no meant no, and don't ask again. He drove us to Pensacola to the NAS there and the aviation museum. And to NAS Jacksonville to see the Navy fleet come in, once when my brother had just come back with the fleet. { I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, fyi.} He loved this country and the Military. He loved babies! And he held everyone of us on his knee in a peculiar way sort of suspended there but with his huge hand supporting our backs and heads, as he would "bump" the chair to sort of rock to soothe us. He never came into my bedroom; not even when he was mad and planned to punish us. He'd said 'it's not right", so he would knock on door, say "you girls come here! with a bellow that we knew meant business!" My daddy liked my first husband [now obviously the first exhusband I had] and my then-husband liked him too.

My daddy died in Dec 2004 and I cried myself sick. I was living in Denver at the time,and in a second horrible marriage [that ended in divorce 3 yrs later]; and my daddy called me and wanted me to come home. But he said he was doing ok, and he talked to my then-husband who said we both go visit later. But my daddy died suddenly and it broke my heart.

My daddy was a WWII veteran and he considered it his highest achievement. He went to the Military parades and kept in touch with his Army-AF buddies. He visited them in nursing homes to sit and talk for hours, to cheer them up. He was born in Georgia and lived there his whole life. I miss him so much still.

Oh, before I forget, my daughter Leigh was jaundiced some because she was a few days premature, and she was under bilirubin lights for a few days. I worried much, but my mama and daddy had faith she would be all right.And she was/is.

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri; 25-May-2013 ; 1:53pm.