Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers from me a mother

First, Happy Mother's Day celebration to all mothers who decided to produce living babies in obedience to the Commandment of GOD to "be fruitful and multiply" in Genesis 1: 27-28. I am also a mother of two [now grown] daughters; and having babies was the smartest thing I ever did. I had a Mother's Day celebration yesterday with my youngest daughter Leigh and her tiny [2 yrs & 6 months old] children, and it was much fun.

Also, I am adding here a photo of the painting I painted with no particular person in mind but which my granddaughter Lydia said resembled her. She's 12 so I think the painting looks older than that, but so what? I am adding it here, because I had added it to another blog of mine previously, and it caused some confusion. I was painting on a salveged piece of board so couldn't adjust the size. Yes, my granddaughter has both legs and both feet. But I was also designing a dress in that painting--making it up as I was painting on the spot--so wanted all of it to show. It is on my front wall. To the right of it, are the Dutch wooden shoes from Holland aka Netherlands that belonged to my mother. I am not sure how or when my mother acquired them. But I suspect from her ancestors, some of whom lived in upper part of Schlewsig-Holstein Germany near the Baltic across from Netherlands. When my mother [in Georgia] died in Jan 2010, I inherited among other things and money and land, those shoes. My tiny grandchildren like to put them on. The older grandchildren [12 & 14] outgrew their fascination with them. Also, to the right is a painting I was painting of the ocean. You only see a portion of it. It is not the last painting of the ocean I will paint. Some day I am going to paint a huge mural size painting of the ocean and put it in my front room.

Here below is the painting I guess I will name "Lydia" since she sort of claimed it as looking like her. It does a bit. My granddaughter is quite accomplished--made Honor society and is in ballet learning to be ballerina. My grandson Samuel is also quite accomplished, and plays instrument in the orchestra of his school, sails with a team, and does so many things well. All of my grandchildren are smart and beautiful. I think living to the age [young or old; varies] when one's children have children is one of life's greatest rewards. My photo on this page above this is my photo of me this year, so I am not ancient yet. In fact, my oldest daughter had about 3 children before people thought I looked old enough to be a grandmother. Now I have seven grandchildren from both my daughters with their husbands; and I adore my grandchildren.

I don't know why this photo is cloudy. Except that the very same device I photographed it with was nearly hijacked away from me last nite in an effort by cyber-criminals to control what I do, write, post, tweet. I photograph whatever with one of several cameras, then upload it so several things involved in getting it to blog. I think it is brighter color on the other blog without that sort of white film that Apple computers put on photos.

Enjoy life! Thank GOD every day and pray for wisdom.

Gloria Poole @ my apt in Missouri; 11-May-2013; 10:03am