Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gloria Poole of Missouri owns / writes this & creates the art in it.

Obviously You know what this image is:

I have had to change several settings this afternoon on different accounts to try to prevent cyber-criminals from slamming 2 of my cell phones, and from stealing blogs of mine. I am adding my signature 'signed' with digital ink as I sign it with paint or pencils sometimes on sketches. However, on paintings in oils, or acrylics on canvas I have always signed only my first name Gloria in script in a corner of painting & usually with the year it was painted. Most of the time, I also include a title of painting that I named it, and more info and usually my full signature on the back of the painting. For sketches on paper, in sketch books, on bristol board [an art heavy weight paper] I sometimes sign my full signature, but always my name signature Gloria in script with upper case G and lower case loria.

I have more than one cell phone, more than one telephone and more than one blog; and I have emails. I quit posting my emails and tel phone numbers to blogs because immoral people used them to try to steal domains and images of art I created and also original photographs I photographed. My landline tel num is listed in the telephone directory in Missouri. I do not have family in Colorado. I do not have business partners in Colorado and never did! { I lived in Colorado 7 yrs and moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009. Before that I lived in NY, VA, NE and was born in the state of Georgia.} I am a white, Christian, prolife, Republican, single woman with the real name of Gloria Poole. And yes I have a middle name but I never write it on anything. I removed the Pappas name from my name by order of Divorce Judge in Arapahoe County Colorado in Oct 2007;[omitting specifics on purpose but those with a need to know them, have certified copies of final decree in 2007]; and resumed my maiden name of Poole at the same time. Almost of all the art I have created has my name including my maiden name of Gloria Poole on it.

In a way, it irks me greatly to have to constantly reiterate that I do not have a husband meaning THEREFORE, there is no man authorized to call up anybody and get my passwords, or account info! How many times do some people [ isps, cell phone carriers, telcos; federal credit unions, banks, businesses, etc] have to be told that? My 2nd exhusband [initials DBP] never lived in this apt in Missouri & will never live in it. He is my worst enemy on earth. I despise him and I will do harm to him [including death if he tries again to kill me] if he ever tries to come through the door of my dwelling or of any place I'm at or in. I was forgiving and tolerant for a long time, but he caused me permanent injuries and he is not going to get another chance to do that. Change of topic...

I am painting on a big canvas and it's progressing well. I might photograph it and add it to my blog when it's finished.

I have other blogs and they are different from this one. They also include some art I created and you might enjoy seeing them:

I am not sure if that is the total list of blogs I have created from accounts I owned for YEARS; and created content for, including original photos, original oil paintings and sketches in watercolors, acrylics, tempera, oil pastels, goauche, powdered pastels, inks with brush & pens. I think of the blogs as mini-galleries: a way of displaying original art I create. I enjoy creating, painting, drawing, sketching. And I enjoy sharing it for people to see. But I do not enjoy it when cybercriminals break into my accounts using info they stole from me. I do not consider it reasonable when unscrupulous, immoral people try to steal what I create, or my identity or my name!

Copyright Notice: all works I create whether original paintings, sketches, drawings, photographs, graphics, or words are copyrighted. I am the only owner of the copyright rights inclusive of virtually every piece of art or word I have written or created unless I have signed a formal document assigning the copyright. I have only done that in Atlanta, GA for the Eskine Caldwell Museum in Newnan, and on St Simons Island, GA for the St Simons Island Museum [for Angel with a guitar; a huge painting of female angel in teal long robe-like dress holding a guitar] .

Gloria Poole; @ my apt in Missouri [and only residence since Oct 31, 2009 ] @ 4:02pm on 30-May-2013