Saturday, April 20, 2013

My sketch of magnolia photographed w/ 2 different cameras.

This is one of several photos I took of this same sketch that I sketched in oil pastels and completed yesterday. The first two photos of it that I photographed and sent to myself to upload were fractured by criminals breaking into my cell phones during nite last nite; [ that I tweeted about extensively on 2 twitter accts of mine] and I deleted those two and re-uploaded two different photos I took of my sketch I created. I named this sketch in oil pastels "Magnolia sketch".

This second photo below of the exact same sketch is a photo I took with my iPhone. You can certainly see the difference in the quality of cameras. It's for purposes of proving my point, that Apple products are not as good as other companies' products are. Same Magnolia sketch:

It has been a trying day. I tweeted about it in detail on two twitter accounts of mine; for purposes of legal documentation about cyber-criminals breaking into my telephones [whether landline phone or cell phones, or iPhone}, because I want help from law enforcement help getting rid of cyber-criminals/criminals from my telephones.

Also, fyi, I am a single white heterosexual Christian to clarify [because Google search says there are "13 professionals all named Gloria Poole" which seems unlikely to me! But I can prove my name and identity and place of birth in US]. Gloria Poole, RN & artist at my apt in Missouri; 1:47pm; 20-April-2013