Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy birthday, Univ of Georgia from Gloria Poole

I am adding this photo here because my alma mater [one of them] recently celebrated a birthday. So, this is my way of saying happy birthday to the University of Georgia. I loved my years there. The education I got there has served me well in combination with my education I received to become a Registered Nurse, prior to that. This is a photo I took at the University of Georgia-University of Missouri football pre-game celebration I was invited too last year. I do not know the person in the background at the feast table, and didn't notice that was part of photo til I added it here. I usually only try to photograph objects not unknown people so might crop this and remove this photo and re-add it after cropping it. [Note: The software I have for my digital camera has wifi I found out after the fact, and it was a mess, to add photos to my own computer, because 700 of the photos I took vanished within hours of me adding photos to my desktop.But I m reasonably sure that I took this photo with one of my cell phones as I walked in the entrance to the party; where it was decked in red & black UGA themes. ] I met a really nice guy there and he gave me two red, beautiful roses. So that was all so much fun. I received a tweet from the University of Georgia about their birthday celebrations and it reminded me.

Now, I have to change to a less pleasant topic of necessity because of events that happened in the last week to my on line accounts AGAIN.

Also, since it is taking much effort to wrest my born with name away from others, I try to log in intermittently to my accounts, and keep some sort of online presence. I tweet also, as some might know from a few twitter accounts. And I blog, paint as artist, sketch,draw, put medical info on web intermittently; and pray a whole lot.

Because I paint [create original content] I also add copyrights to what I display as my originals on the web. And because of that, sometimes I "run amok" of the copyright machinery even when it is me, with my photograph I took of original I created in some method, adding it to my own blogs with my own personally owned equipment of cameras, cell phones, mobiles, desktop. I think that is because I bought several new devices last yr and also kept the ones I bought in Jan 2011 and Oct 2010. Some of those "the web" knows as mine--some of them it didn't. So every time I change devices to upload my own photo of my art I created from a different camera of mine, or from a different cell phone, or tablet, or mobile whatever, it causes a temporary setback to me. It is becoming difficult for me to hide my identity. I never really have done that because when writing I always put my real born with name on my blog entry [but in the past cybercriminals broke into an acct of mine and deleted my name from blog posts on that particular blog so they could steal the domain]. I tried really hard to build a tiny publishing company words that WORK that I originated in state of Georgia, continued when I moved to Colorado, continued when I moved to Missouri. Soon after person tried to run over me with a vehicle and someone "held my purse" for me while I was waiting on ambulance in yr 2011, a whole lot of my accounts were broken into, and most of my domains were ripped right off the owners' [mine] admin panel, and stolen from me. I am not quitting and the enemies of GOD [those who kill tiny humans for $$, and those who kill for Obama] are not winning; because GOD is my shield and protection according to Scripture.

I also, want the world to know that the painting "The Schloss" that I added to previous entry and that is in my dining room was painted entirely by me; the materials for it were paid for by me; and I displayed it on my bedroom wall in Denver Colorado, but when I moved from Colorado, I moved it with me on a moving truck with a paid moving company that my sister in GA & my then-living mother paid for. It has caused some problems because people in Colorado after I had suffered massive injuries in 2006, assumed that everything I did must have been done by somebody else. Of course, that was no accident--my then-husband [now divorced from him since Oct 2007] was telling them that he was the "President" etc of what I did. He did not do one thing in any endeavour of either words that WORK,Life Media & Publishing, or Tapestry of LIFE. He constantly sabotaged my efforts. He stuck a screw driver into my computer while it was plugged in to fry it. He stole my U S mail. He stole blank checks from my account which I didn't know until the Arapahoe County district attorney's office told me in May 2006 they knew that he had done that and was prosecuting him, for one of many many reasons. He called up 800 numbers and gave them my acct number [that he got from my mail he stole] and told them on the phone he was me; usually after midnight; and I heard him do that; and I asked him why? and he said "to get your information, bank card info". He stalked me to Ironstone Bank in Aurora Colorado; [acct closed long ago]. He intercepted my voice mail, stalked me to the TV station where I was a Producer and camera person intermittently; and he stalked me to cell phone carrier [even while he had a restraining order against him]. He wrestled me literally to the ground to take-away my set of car keys of the car that supposedly belonged to me. he "hung out" at nurses' station pacing around til I got fired and was told the reason as "some people who work here are in very abusive and dangerous situations'. He stalked me to the Microsoft Seminar I was invited too [in Denver ] but he didn't understand any of it, so left. He injured me more than once on purpose. He made many threats to kill me. He said he would "track me down like an animal and kill me", and that he "would cut my throat', kill me with one gunshot to my head', etc,etc,etc for the 4 yrs and 10 months I was married to him. He terrorized me with physical violence, threats, demonstrations of how he would kill me; and he tried to strangle me, and shoved me out of moving car; and threw his jacket on the stairs as I was following downstairs behind him with an arm load of books stacked up. He tried to kidnap me in the parking lot of the courthouse of Arapahoe County Colorado in May 2006 after I had given testimony. He timed me with his watch while demanding I "hurry,hurry,hurry' while I had on flip flops--said "rush, he's timing me", and the veins popping out on his jaw, and when I crashed down a flight of stairs, hit my head, broke my leg, told him it was broken, he grabbed my foot twisted it to nearly breaking it off, and said he "was going to make sure it was broken". It was, badly, and I had to have surgery to repair it and have 10 surgical metal screws and a metal plate in my leg and through the joint. All of these events happened over time beginning 2 weeks after having a second wedding ceremony and continuing until divorce decree, and when Judge pounded his gavel, DBP said to me "you're finished, done "[ruined]. But you know what I said, " I am NOT finished until GOD says so". It was a horrible period of time in my life. It is necessary to write this because he infiltrated a whole lot of accounts on line that I began, created, wrote and created the content of; in his zeal to "steal my name, life, paintings, words that WORK, my inheritance from my family, everything", he said. DBP made a plea bargain ; well actually about 4 of them that I knew of, and said he paid bribes to Judges to stay out of prison. I think most women in domestic violence feel very ashamed and very terrified and it takes a long time to sort out conflicting emotions. When a man who vowed to love, honor and cherish and who had sex with you tries to kill you, it is terrifying, and bewildering, confusing, disorienting. It is not easy to come to terms with. But I have tried . And I have tried to warn others about him as he made many threats to kill law enforcement and other people. I do not keep in contact with him; he does not live here; and never will; and he is not authorized on any account of mine anywhere. He is not authorized to use my name,telephone numbers; or pick up my mail, or have possession of any thing of mine. His initials are DBP; and many agencies of law enforcement know him or know of him and know his name. I am divorced from DBP since Oct 2007 in Arapahoe County Colorado. So, this pararagraph is intended to be a legal notice that I do not consent ever for DBP to be near me, to have any thing that belongs to me; to use my name in any way; to represent himself as working with me /for me /at my direction in any situation or scenario. I asked the Judges and law clerks of Divorce Court; and when I got a restraining order against him to warn him not to trespass on my apt or premises, because I will not allow him to come in. And will do harm to him if he tries. This is a Legal Notice required to notify DBP who might consider trespassing. I moved to Missouri on Oct 31,2009 as a single woman.

I have debated whether it is in my best interest to be online at all. But think probably my best chance of staying alive is to be very visible in some way, so it is not so easy for him to kill me, or steal from me, or break and enter. But I am very cautious. I have several phone numbers and I swap them around trying to make it difficult for him to stalk [or anyone] to stalk me. I have published a few of them over time since 2007, because I am trying to market art I create to get ahead, lift myself above near-poverty level [correction: it feels like that a times; in reality it is not that dire]; and get beyond the years of terror in Colorado. I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009, and have lived in the same apartment since then.

Also, I have added a new blog at, and I have a blog at for about 6 months I think. I have several blogs, and I write them intermittently. Some of my blogs I began in Colorado and continued them here,in Missouri,when I moved here [to my apt in Missouri] on Oct 31, 2009 because they are mine after all, and I created the content of them. Also, to repeat: I am a white, divorced twice, woman, Christian; U S citizen; with a Registered Nurse license in Missouri, and I have painted sketched, drawn; photographed for at least 20 yrs;mother of 2 grown daughters named Jennifer & Leigh; grandmother of 7 fairly young children. the photo of me above this post was taken by me last yr [2011] so it is current enough for the time being. It is also on other sites of mine. I am writing this from my own personal computer in Missouri where I live year round. Gloria Poole, RN artist; 11:06am;31-Jan-2013; at my apt in Missouri