Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good news for baby humans & more sketches

There is some very good news for baby humans. Justin Bieber, the heart-throb singer of teenage America and his mother Pattie Mallette have produced a film entitled "Crescendo" about her decision not to abort her baby (Justin) when she was 18 yrs old. It is intended to raise money to equip pregnancy centers and to make supplies available to help any woman who is pregnant. GOD bless them!

Also, Oklahoma and Texas have won the right in the law to remove Planned Parenthood from getting their states' funds. That will help save the baby humans in great ways. GOD bless them too.

Also, I think I mentioned this last week, but in case, Virginia's Delegate Bob Marshall seems to be committed to the prolife cause. I quote him as was written in HuffPost's Politics article on the subject of abortion: "you're talking about human beings being killed [in an abortion]...what higher considerations do I put out there?" as his rationale for supporting and sponsoring amendments to Virginia's laws to help save the baby humans. GOD bless him too.

A huge thumbs down to that no-good Verizon who instead of providing me the service I paid for, tried to hijack every other account & device I had. Don't do business with them if you are PROLIFE. It seems they are prodeath, and harass and try to censor prolife & religious speech on the web. Forget Verizon as a carrier and as a mifi service--they are crap. They send malware via email to try to hijack the devices that were NEVER on their plan. I was furious!

Also, here are some more sketches I have done recently; for you to see:

And also this one, in watercolors. I have had to redo much about my computer after Verizon sent me an email from "ecrme" [e-crime??? ] which made me livid, and it tried to white out, censor my photos from every device/computer. This is not the best photo of these sketches but it's what was there after I uploaded from devices that I didn't know til today that Verizon had tried to take-over maliciously.These are my own photos of my own sketches I created that are on either my drawing board [portable[ or in sketch book. Usually my photographs look better, but they are visible :

You might be able to see my signature on them. I might redo the photos at some point in time. I do not have Verizon's phones & NEVER had Verizon phones: and probably NEVER will after they tried to hijack my isp acct, my cell phones, my tablets, my desktop! I am seriously thinking of suing them.

Thse are original sketches I drew/painted. The mother and child looking down the road is in acrylics on sketch paper. The mother hugging the small girl is in watercolors, which is a medium I try from time to time but find it more difficult to work with [so fluid!] and which is much fainter in colors. Gloria Poole; R.N. and artist; at my apt in Missouri; 19-Jan-2013; 10:52am