Friday, January 25, 2013

Remember this painting? The Schloss in oils; Update

Above, you should see my oil painting that I painted in the yr 2008 and named "the Schloss" which is German for The Castle. It is a huge painting [ 60 x 48 inches ] on canvas and it is on my dining room wall at the moment. I was living in Colorado when I painted this painting, but I have also painted in Georgia, my native State; and much in Missouri. I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009. I do not have family or friends or agents or business partners in Colorado. It is important to state that because there has been much wrangling over my name, my domains, my emails, my online accounts, and even isp accounts. I recently cancelled my Verizon account after criminals from remote places broke into it--some how they accessed my billing info and moved my account to a state {Pennsylvania] that I would not do business with in any way.

I am adding this here to verify that I am the same white woman who painted about 200 paintings, in oils & acrylics and at least that many sketches in watercolors, powdered pastels, pen/inks; pencils. And to establish the right/authority to use my own real, born with name of Gloria Poole [middle name omitted on purpose but it is not Pappas.] I removed the Pappas name from my name after 2nd divorce in Oct 2007, by order of the Judge after final divorce decree; since it was my name during that horrible second marriage that ended in divorce [thankfully] in Oct 2007, in Arapahoe County Colorado.

I could write a book on my experience of putting original content of art I created on the web. For those artists who expect to make a living at selling art, putting it on the web, is probably not the way to do that. But since I did, beginning in year 2007, I am trying to get control of my name and online identuty.

I am also a Registered Nurse, licensed currently in Missouri. But I am not anybody's employee.

I am writing all of this again because my Verizon acct I had on my tablets was hijacked by criminals who broke into it. [In Nov 2012].I complained to Verizon repeatedly and in person and finally to the FBI and the FCC. The only way to end the assault on all my computers and telephones by those criminals who were using the access they gained by breaking into my Verizon acct to try to steal info was to cancel my Verizon account. I am not logging into accounts that violent criminals log into. FYI, to world. However, the email accounts that belonged to me then, still belong to me [but I changed passwords and other setting trying to secure them again]; and I shifted them to another computer of mine. So the blogs of them are up still and I am not ruined. I have no doubt the intention of the criminals who broke into it was to ruin me as they sent me malware in an email that attempted to hijack my desktop. I had to do a clean install again to get control of it AGAIN.

I am not sneaky or under-handed. I am cautious, trying to stay alive since that violent 2nd exhusband DBP made threats to kill me. He is not authorized on any account of mine, FYI. He does not have keys to my apt. He does not live with me and never will. He is not to have possession of anything of mine. He is not welcome in any way in my life. I do not consent for him to have any info of mine, or to use any email of mine; or to login to any "cloud" or hosting acct of mine. He has not been authorized on any financial acct of mine since the yr 2005. This is intended to be a legal notice.

I hope to actually get to the point where I have some sense of control of where, when and how my name is used, and how, when and where the art I create is displayed.

Gloria Poole, @ my apt in Missouri; 9:22am; 25-Jan-2013.

I Gloria Poole [gloriapoole] logged back into to add a bit of info after I realized my 2nd exhusband had tried to hijack another acct of mine. I logged into a Yahoo acct I have had since about 2005 & changed my photo on it, and tried to change the password on it, but it kept in a loop asking me to login to my "Den" "partner" site and there's no way I would do that. I do not want my accounts being accessed from Denver or any place in Colorado. The url that Yahoo was showing was a scrumb to a "Den" "partner" login but I do not have any business partners anywhere, & I am heterosexual & I never gave anyone any password to any email of mine EVER in my life. So here's what is visible to the public as I tried to communicate with Yahoo about the issues: is my profile on my onlineeducatorglo at yahoo acct; 25-Jan-2013 ; and when I changed this and logged out it was displaying photo of me that was taken in Atlanta, Ga by my daughter Jennifer Borelli, in Jan 2010; and my display name written as gloria.poole [ which is how I wrote my online name for a decade from about 1991-2003 or 2004 on my original earthlink acct that was hijacked]. I still do have identities with my name written that way and Yahoo is one of them; but my Yahoo ID for yrs 1996 to present is gloriapooleRN at Yahoo. And that profile says it is the Yahoo of the UK & Ireland!!! Go figure that one. I received notice that Yahoo let somebody log in to my acct from elsewhere; so I am adding this here to notify world that the profile at that bizarre url in this paragraph is one of mine; and that the account is not willingly shared with anyone in Colorado or anywhere; and that when I logged in today and corrected info it was showing my content on profile. There were pages of s-p-a-m sent to it and a whole lot of them indicated they thought I was male. I am a woman! And a white woman,, Christian, republican, divorced [single] since Oct 2007, to repeat for Yahoo's sake. Gloria Poole; 11:24am; 25-Jan-2013 at my apt in Missouri

I logged in today to edit some and to alert world that I created new blog at And to ask law enforcement, I.T., world to read my blog at about the latest hack by many persons into what was my secondary isp account [it was Verizon--that acct is cancelled now because of events I wrote about extensively for 3 months. I added some detail that I discovered today about what happened to my Verizon acct on my blog at for today's entry] . FYI. I am continuing my isp acct I have had since Oct 2009 when I moved to Missouri; and also my telephones & google numbers that are posted on some websites /blogs of mine. FYI.