Monday, January 3, 2011

Thank you Douthat of NY Times for article for preborn

I read an article by Ross Douthat in the NY Times courtesy of my Yahoo reader and it prompted this entry tonight.
I quote from article by Ross Douthat in NY Times article entitled "The Unborn Paradox"
"This is the paradox of America’s unborn. No life is so desperately sought
after, so hungrily desired, so carefully nurtured.
And yet no life is so legally unprotected, and so frequently destroyed." I thought to myself, 'well, thank GOD, someone who writes for NY Times is writing about this."
And he quoted the Kevin Young poem that was in the New Yorker about the first time expectant parents listen for baby's heartbeat.
Read the article at:
I want to thank Ross Douthat for having the courage to write on this subject. The New York Times has had the attitude that abortion was a done deal for a long time. However, it is far from over. In fact, the controversy is just getting to the tipping point when prolifers outnumber prodeathers by a wide margin,and the big newspapers have to finally admit that. Abortion is such an heinous crime against the preborn,women,men [the fathers], the collective conscience of a nation,
and the human race, that I am sure there will come a time in history when the worlds' people look at this time in history as the dark ages second time around, when mass murders in the womb were the output of a nation [the U S] and the entire machinery of government was spent churning out baby parts,cells, tissues,brains for fake research for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from NIH, and dividends for U S Senators and ex-Senators like Obama and H Clinton. And when there is that aha moment when the whole of civilizations wake up the horror of it, that will cause a seismic shift probably overnight in the political climate much as happened when the allies were closing in on that murderous Hitler in that generation. The Nazi angst for America is the abortion holocaust. The abortion holocaust has to be stopped one way or the other. Through legal means or through GOD's methods, but I am sure it will be stopped and those responsible for the mass murders will be brought to trial for treason against America by planning the extinction of American citizens and carrying out that killing plan of Obama-Clinton murderous regime. Obama's so-called health care reform is not about health at all but siphoning money from the elderly or handicapped who paid in mandatory taxes for services when needed in old age or disability, to give to the abortionist-murderers of the unborn/preborn. It is as evil as Hitler's plan to gas the jews was in the Nazi era in Europe.
Please do not ever make excuses for those who murder innocents in the womb, or those delivered from it. Do not write propaganda pieces for any newspaper that pumps up the cause of killing by promoting it as a so-called 'right' or naming it "research needed", or writing films,tv scripts and movies that in any way glorify the heinous evil horror of abortion. It is gruesome, premeditated, murder in the womb of a tiny human by the mother of the human. I cannot think of a worst more awful crime or sin against GOD. Remember Exodus 20:13 as written 'thou shalt not kill".
Gloria Poole,RN and artist; @ home in Missouri; 8:09pm;3/Jan/2011

7:47 PM 1/3/2011.