Sunday, December 26, 2010

Detailing Obama"s Destroy-America-Plan;WAKE UP America

Darrell Issa's remarks about Obama:
'In an interview with Rush Limbaugh in October, Issa dubbed President
Barack Obama "one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times."And this
"Rep. Darrell Issa of Vista [Calif] will have the power to investigate and
subpoena the Obama administration, which he has pledged to do."
Quote in The Mercury News today 11:10 AM 12/26/2010
And I want to discuss what I call Obama's Destroy America Plan:
1) turn US miltary into social experiment to give homosexuals a springboard to
government paid pensions and benefits ;and reduce effectiveness of fighting forces.
2) make Medicare a " feeder fund" for abortionists and Planned Parenrhood;
and the Medicare beneciariesfodder for hospice killing organizations.
Read for
entry for 26/Dec/2010 more on topic that was in NY Times labeled 'end-of-life-plan
of Obama'
3) funnel all income through the federal government one way or the other to get
control of it. Reduce all private sector jobs by taking over industries and tranferring the
wealth of private corporations to public government of US.
4) Write an executive order [despot's decree since no authority for any such activity in
the true laws of the US which is the US Constitution] relabeling preborn humans
as 'research material' for 'scientists' so they get billion dollar grants from NIH to kill
preborn humans and call it research. Similar to gassing the jews by first labeling them as 'non-Aryan'
in order to turn the nation agains them to get their wealth in the
Nazi regime.
5) Saddle every man.woman and child in America with millions of dollars of debt created
by Obama plans but do not include illegal emigrants in the debt since the plan is to help
them overthrow the government via anarchy.
6) Send/transfer all military equipment to Russia/Iran/China through the Afghanistan
corridor in exchange for opium and hard drugs to narcotize the nation with.
7) Set up secretive 'drug plans' via Medicare/Medicaid to pay for the aforementioned drugs.
8) Persecute all christians by spying on them, censoring their First Amendment liberties,
intercepting their emails, confiscating their hosting of websites,taking down Christian
content without due process and thus violating their civil liberties.
9) using the U S federal government ' agencies of NIH,CMMS,DHS to spy on.control,regulate
communications of the poor and needy to keep them [they think] docile and subservient to
"Big Brother government'.
10) to use student loans as a weapon,giving children of the so-called politically correct
[always demoncrats] grant money and giving children of poor republicans loans, and requiring
payback of loans selectively, acting as loan sharks in some cases, refusing to even verify some
people graduated college until they pay back their student loans but they can't pay back their student
loans with no proof of graduation[ withheld by Dept of Ed; and ruined credit also on purpose
by the Dept of Propaganda aka Education]. And refusing to report to credit bureaus when
payments are made to Dept of Ed in attempt to forever control the credit report of prolifers
and republicans. { I know this first-hand as I have paid back $5600 to Dept of Ed for a $2500
student loan and they have NEVER reported it as paid back though paid ,monthly for nearly 3 years.]
The Department o Education is sort of like that Nigerian email scam only with them their propanganda is
'get a student loan,get a college degree' but what they don't tell you is they have so much
absolute power over your life via credit reports since they only update them for those who kill
on demand,[abortionists/killer groups] and for those who kiss Obama's behind or nether parts daily.
Gloria Poole; in Missouri; 11:50am;26/Dec/2010